Convocation fall 2014
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Convocation Fall 2014. Sarah A. Rajala Dean James & Katherine Melsa Professor of Engineering. Welcome and Introduction. Presentation Outline. Update on Goals for 2013-2014 Financial Update Goals for 2014-2015 New Faculty and Staff Named Faculty Positions Patent Awards

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Convocation fall 2014

ConvocationFall 2014

Sarah A. Rajala


James & Katherine MelsaProfessor of Engineering

Welcome and introduction
Welcome andIntroduction

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • Update on Goals for 2013-2014

  • Financial Update

  • Goals for 2014-2015

  • New Faculty and Staff

  • Named Faculty Positions

  • Patent Awards

  • Faculty and Staff Awards

Goals for 2013 14 updates
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Deliver a high quality education to all of our students

  • Hillary Kletscher, senior in biological systems engineering, and Mike Hoefer, senior in industrial engineering, are the president and vice president, respectively, of Iowa State’s Government of the Student Body.

  • Team PrISUmwon Best Mechanical Design Award and placed third overall in the American Solar Challenge.

  • Cyclone Space Mining won the Best Design and Innovation Award during the NASA Robotic Mining Competition.

  • Michael Solberg (BSME’14) received Iowa State’s 2013-2014 Student Employee of the Year Award.

  • Augustine Villa, senior in chemical engineering, was named Cargill Scholar.

  • CimoneWright, senior in computer engineering was one of six statewide winners of the Alliant Energy/Erroll B. Davis Jr. Achievement Award.

  • Four Iowa State University Honors students with ties to the College of Engineering received Goldwater Scholarships: Jacob Harry, senior in aerospace engineering; William Lindemann, senior in materials science engineering and mathematics; Rachel Philiph, senior in materials science engineering; and Thomas Knief, senior in physics who does research in materials science and engineering.

Goals for 2013 14 updates1
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Hire at least 17 new, diverse, high-quality faculty members

  • Successful searches all with strong applicant pools

  • Hired 22 tenure/tenure track faculty, including 6 as part of the Presidential High-Impact Initiative (4 in big data and 2 in translational health)

  • Added 5 new lecturer positions

Goals for 2013 14 updates2
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Develop a new model for Engineering Online to encourage growth, new pedagogical development and sustainability

  • Collaborating across campus to provide faculty support

  • Awarding grants for online course development (up to $9,000 per course)

  • Developing funding model for blended/flipped course support

Goals for 2013 14 updates3
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Increase the number of graduate students who have enrolled or accepted admission by 5%

  • 1,200+ graduate students expected for fall 2014

  • Graduate research student increase initiative provides recruitment funds to increase numbers — college and departments provide funds 1st year; supported by researchers in 2nd year

  • Accelerating Collaboration in Research Initiative provides funds to develop new ideas and/or increase collaboration not pursued by others due to lack of time or resources

Goals for 2013 14 updates4
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Expand research portfolio and increase expenditures by 7.5%

  • 2013-14 research proposal dollars submitted: $207.8M – 8.6% increase from 2012-13




Engineering research expenditures
Engineering Research Expenditures






Goals for 2013 14 updates5
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Significant research awards include:

  • Renewal of Center for Biorenewables Chemical (CBiRC)

  • Comprehensive-driven program analysis (CPA) for malware detection in Android phones

  • In-situ, wireless, energy-harvesting soil moisture/nutrient sensors

  • A unified framework for cyber attack-resilient power grid

  • Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation grant to research developing new tools for the quantitative investigations of networks of plants.

Goals for 2013 14 updates6
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Digital Lab for Manufacturing

Create an Innovative EcosystemIncrease the innovative capacity of OEMs and their suppliers through digital integration and strategic collaboration.

Commercialize Research Move ideas from TRL 4-7 through a network of physical and virtual demonstration sites.

Strengthen the U.S. Economy

  • $100B in value to OEMs per year

  • $30B in value potential to DoD per year

  • 75,000 jobs created in the first 5 years

Source: McKinsey Global Institute and team analysis

Source: McKinsey Global Institute and team analysis

Source: McKinsey Global Institute and team analysis

Goals for 2013 14 updates7
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

The Digital Lab Guiding Approach

Three Technology Focus Areas




  • Agile and robust manufacturing strategies and integrated capabilities that dramatically reduce the cost and time of producing complex systems and parts.

  • Utilization of high-performance computing to model materials, products and processes to enable “design with manufacturing in mind”.

  • Integration of smart sensors and controls to enable equipment to automatically sense and understand current production environment in order to conduct “self-aware manufacturing”.



An open source technology system across the entire manufacturing value chain.

A 'hub and spoke' model, where the 'hub' will be the Digital Lab for Manufacturing based in Chicago, and the 'spokes' will be all the applied research on the manufacturing floors of our partners across the US.




Goals for 2013 14 updates8
Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

Develop a new plan for renovation and expansion of CoEspace

  • Planning is ongoing

  • Existing spaces

    • Marston

    • Sweeney

    • Gilman

    • Mechanical engineering space study

  • New space

    • Student Innovation Center

    • ElingsHall & Sukup Hall and Atrium

  • Goals for 2013 14 updates9
    Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

    Develop a new plan for renovation and expansion of CoEspace

    MARSTON HALL - office relocations

    Student Services – Howe Hall

    International Programs – Howe Hall

    Engineering Research Institute – Durham Center

    Technology Support – Durham Center

    Dean’s Office – Memorial Union

    Career Services – Memorial Union

    College Relations – Lab of Mechanics

    Development – ISU Foundation Bldg.

    K-12 Outreach – Industrial Ed II

    More information: Follow ‘Marston Hall Renovation’ link on CoE homepage

    Goals for 2013 14 updates10
    Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES


    Goals for 2013 14 updates11
    Goals for 2013-14: UPDATES

    Raise $22M in new private gifts

    • $29.3M ($10.6M gifts and pledges; $18.7M deferred commitments)

    • Best fundraising year ever in college

    • Marston Hall fundraising $6.5M+ committed

    • Gifts support scholarships, fellowships, named faculty positions, building renovations and college programs

    Movement of research centers
    Movement of Research Centers

    • Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

    • Microelectronics Research Center

    • Information Assurance Center

    • CIRAS

    Ciras update
    CIRAS Update

    In 2013, 1,280 businesses from 94 counties in the state received assistance on projects or attended educational workshops from CIRAS staff and partners. Companies responding to surveys reported $446 million of total economic impact:

    • $383 million in sales gained or retained

    • $50 million in new investments

    • $13 million in costs saved or avoided

    • 6,795 jobs added or retained

    • Over the past 5 years, CIRAS and partners reported impact totaling over $2 billion with 29,390 jobs added or retained

    College of engineering general fund
    College of Engineering General Fund






    Goals for 2014 15
    Goals for 2014-15

    Vision: In the best traditions of a land-grant institution, we will be the premier engineering program among public universities known for value and commitment to education, research, and engagement.


    • Deliver a high quality education to all of our students

    • Hire at least 20 new, diverse, high-quality faculty members

    • Increase the number of graduate students by 5%

    • Expand the research portfolio by seeking larger scale projects and increasing expenditures by 5%

    • Finalize space plan and continue renovation and expansion of CoE space

    • Raise $25M in new private gifts

    Faculty and staff
    Faculty and Staff

    • Importance of high quality faculty and staff

    • More than 400 faculty and staff critical to our success

    • All are dedicated to student achievement

    Welcome new engineering faculty
    Welcome New Engineering Faculty


    Michael Pawlovich– Lecturer

    Omar Smadi– Assoc. Professor

    Anuj Sharma – Assoc. Professor

    In Ho Cho – Asst. Professor

    Peter Savolainen– Assoc. Professor

    Alice Alipour– Asst. Professor

    BehrouzShafei– Asst. Professor


    Long Que– Assoc. Professor


    Mingyi Hong – Asst. Professor


    Jonathan Claussen– Asst. Professor

    AdarshKrishnamurthy– Asst. Professor

    SonalPadalkar– Asst. Professor

    ME cont’d

    Rafael Radkowski– Asst. Professor

    SoumikSarkar– Asst. Professor

    Shan Hu – Asst. Professor


    Martin Thuo– Asst. Professor


    Shweta Chopra – Asst. Professor

    Adina Howe – Asst. Professor


    Clayton Anderson – Senior Lecturer

    Zarechnyy Oleg – Lecturer

    Paul Schafbuch– Adj. Assoc. Professor

    Patrick Vogel – Lecturer

    LeifurLeifsson – Asst. Professor

    PradipSagdeo – Lecturer

    Liming Xiong – Asst. Professor

    Peng Wei – Asst. Professor


    Wenzhen Li – Assoc. Professor

    Matthew Panthani– Asst. Professor

    Yue Wu – Assoc. Professor

    Welcome new engineering staff
    Welcome New Engineering Staff


    Melissa Burant– Program Coord.

    Jodi Essex – Program Coord.

    Jeff Eckhoff – Communications

    Paul Dunnwald–Program Manager

    Paul Berge –Industrial Specialist

    Adam Boesenberg– Asst. Scientist


    Ravi Hadimani– Assoc. Scientist

    Robert Thompson – Academic Adviser

    Ethalinda Cannon – Assoc. Scientist

    Career Services

    Shari DuBois– Program Asst.

    Mayra Ramirez – Program Asst.


    Susan Bailey – Instructional Support

    RemaNilakanta– Instructional Dev.

    Student Services

    Holly Dunlay-Lott – Student Services

    Lisa Hurley – Admin. Specialist

    Jennifer La Gesse– Program Coord.

    Ashley Ransom – Academic Adviser


    Alyssa Speake– Admin. Specialist

    Kathy Weaver – Academic Adviser


    Alyssa Mittleider– Academic Advisor

    Susan Olson – Program Coord.

    Lisa Phillips – Academic Adviser

    Taylor Shire – Program Asst.

    Neely Bushore– Admin Specialist

    John Howell – Teaching Lab Coord.

    Hazel Peterson – Secretary


    Jennifer Grouwinkel– Accountant

    Benjamin McCarty – Student Services

    David Webber – Assoc. Scientist


    Brad Eilers– Academic Adviser

    Robert Martin – Program Manager

    Jacqueline Kester– Program Asst.


    BellindaHegelheimer– Program Asst.

    Austin Hohmann– Asst. Scientist

    Nacu Hernandez – Assoc. Scientist

    Kathy McKown– Program Coord.


    Ryan Simpson – Research Assoc.


    Joel Severinghaus– Program Coord.

    Promotions in the engineering college
    Promotions in the Engineering College

    Alexander Stoytchev, ECPE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Rick Stone, IMSE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    BaskarGanapathysubramanian, ME – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Matthew Hagge, ME – promoted to Senior Lecturer

    James Heise, ME – promoted to Senior Lecturer

    Shankar Subramaniam, ME – to Full Professor

    SriramSundararajan, ME – to Full Professor

    Song Zhang, ME – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Scott Beckman, MSE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Michelle Soupir, ABE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Wei Hong, AerE– Assistant to Associate Professor

    Laura Jarboe, CBE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Jenny Baker, CCEE – promoted to Senior Lecturer

    David White, CCEE – to Full Professor

    Timothy Bigelow, ECPE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Nicola Elia, ECPE – to Full Professor

    Ayman Fayed, ECPE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    Nathan Neihart, ECPE – Assistant to Associate Professor

    New named faculty positions
    New Named Faculty Positions

    • Named faculty positions established with private support enable the college to attract and retain world-class professors and researchers

    • Thank you to the donors who established these prestigious positions

    Convocation fall 2014
    SourabhBhattacharyaHenry Black Faculty Fellow in Mechanical EngineeringEstablished by Henry Black,1929Mechanical Engineering graduate

    Convocation fall 2014

    Matthew PanthaniHerbert L. Stiles Faculty Fellow in Chemical EngineeringEstablished by Herbert Stiles, 1929 Chemical Engineering graduate

    Convocation fall 2014
    Anupam SharmaWalter W. Wilson Faculty Fellow in EngineeringEstablished by Walter Wilson, 1941 Electrical Engineering graduate

    Convocation fall 2014

    Kathryn StoleeHarpole-Pentair Assistant ProfessorEstablished by Murray and Ruth Harpole,Murray graduate in 1943 with a degreein Electrical Engineering

    Convocation fall 2014

    ManimaranGovindarasuRoss Martin Mehl and MarylyneMunasMehlComputer Engineering ProfessorshipEstablished by Ross and MarylyneMehl, friends of the College

    Convocation fall 2014

    Alex KingBergdahl Professorship of Materials ScienceEstablished by Karl and Anne Bergdahl,Karl graduated in 1931 with a degree in Ceramic Engineering

    Convocation fall 2014

    R. Chris WilliamsGerald and Audrey OlsonProfessor in Civil EngineeringEstablished by Gerald and Audrey Olson.Gerald received his B.S. degree in 1956 and M.S. in 1958, both in the area of civil engineering.

    Convocation fall 2014
    Yue WuHerbert L. Stiles Professorship in Chemical EngineeringEstablished by Herbert Stiles, 1929 Chemical Engineering graduate

    Inaugural named faculty positions
    Inaugural named faculty positions

    To be named later this year:

    • Richard C. Seagrave ProfessorshipEstablished by former students to honor Richard Seagrave.

    • Cerwick Faculty Professorships (2)Established by Joel and Judy Cerwick, Joel graduated with a B.S. in civil engineering in 1966 and M.S. in 1968.

    Patent awards
    Patent Awards

    • Patents are valued scholarly contributions and prestigious forms of recognition

    Iver anderson dispersoid reinforced alloy powder and method of making
    Iver AndersonDispersoid reinforced alloy powderand method of making

    Stuart birrell double shear material chopper
    Stuart BirrellDouble shear material chopper

    Convocation fall 2014
    Robert Brown Bio-oil fractionation and condensationAsphalt materials containing bio-oiland methods for production thereof

    Jien morris chang bandwidth recycling in networks
    Jien (Morris) ChangBandwidth recycling in networks

    Kristen constant multi channel polarized thermal emitter
    Kristen Constant Multi-channelpolarized thermal emitter

    Ahmed kamal network protection using network coding
    Ahmed Kamal Network protection using network coding

    Convocation fall 2014
    Ratnesh Kumar Semantic translation of time-drivensimulink diagrams using input/outputextended finite automata

    Mani mina sagnac interferometric switch utilizing faraday rotation
    Mani Mina Sagnacinterferometric switchutilizing Faraday rotation

    Arun somani depth optimal mapping of logic chains in reconfigurable fabrics
    ArunSomaniDepth-optimal mapping of logicchains in reconfigurable fabrics

    Xiaoli tan high cure temperature ternary piezoelectric ceramics
    Xiaoli TanHigh cure temperature ternarypiezoelectric ceramics

    Srikanta tirthapura computing time decayed aggregates u nder s mooth decay functions
    SrikantaTirthapuraComputing time-decayed aggregatesunder smooth decay functions

    David white polymer mortar composite pipe material and manufacturing method
    David White Polymer Mortar Composite PipeMaterial and Manufacturing Method

    Alan russell and iver anderson aluminum alkaline earth metal composites and method for producing
    Alan Russell and Iver AndersonAluminum/alkaline earth metal composites and method for producing

    Convocation fall 2014

    Joseph Shinar, Ruth Shinar andKristen ConstantSoft lithography microlens fabrication and array for enhanced light extraction from organic light emitting diodes (OLEDS)

    Faculty and staff awards
    Faculty and Staff Awards

    • Honoring faculty and staff from the college

    Kevin brownfield dean s staff excellence award
    Kevin BrownfieldDean’s Staff Excellence Award

    Lindsay k diers superior engineering advisor award
    Lindsay K. DiersSuperior Engineering Advisor Award

    Stephanie loveland superior engineering teaching award
    Stephanie LovelandSuperior Engineering Teaching Award

    Gloria starns superior engineering teaching award
    Gloria StarnsSuperior Engineering Teaching Award

    Kurt rosentrater superior engineering extension award
    Kurt RosentraterSuperior Engineering Extension Award

    Michelle soupir early career engineering faculty research award
    Michelle SoupirEarly Career Engineering Faculty Research Award

    Namrata vaswani early career engineering faculty research award
    NamrataVaswaniEarly Career Engineering Faculty Research Award

    Song zhang early career engineering faculty research award
    Song ZhangEarly Career Engineering Faculty Research Award

    Surya mallapragada d r boylan eminent faculty award for research
    Surya MallapragadaD.R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award for Research

    Thank you join us for refreshments
    Thank YouJoin us for refreshments