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Virtualization at Work

Virtualization at Work

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Virtualization at Work

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  1. Virtualization at Work An Introduction to CHARON products for Value Added Resellers Dogan Baser / Oct 2011

  2. DEC computers Why virtualization CHARON products overview Licensing Support VMS and Tru64 transfers CHARON on VMware Clustering Benefits Contents

  3. IT applications are socio-technical systems

  4. DEC computers PDP Programmable Data Processor (PDP-11: 16 bit) VAX Virtual Address eXtension (32 bit) Alpha Extended VAX (64 bit)

  5. Sold by DEC between 1970 and 1997 First real time process control computer in the industry sold in large quantities Several bus structures: UNIbus, Qbus, Massbus Cloned several times in the Eastern Block countries SM-4, SM-1420, SM-1600, Elektronika BK-0010, DVK, UKNC (Soviet Union) SM-4, SM-1420, IZOT-1016 (Bulgaria) SM-1420 (East Germany) Mera (Poland) SM-4 (Hungary) I-102 (Romenia) Several operating systems by DEC and others: DOS/BATCH, IAS, P/OS, CAPS-11, RT-11, RSX-11, RSTS/E, Ultrix-11 ANDOS, MKDOS, MONECS, CSIDOS, TRIPOS, MUMPS, Unix V7, BSD, DEMOS (Soviet Union), TSX-Plus, Rumor (ABB) RSX-11: Real time process control OS with preemptive task scheduling If somebody is still using a PDP-11 today, it is because he could not migrate  he is in great difficulties PDP-11

  6. Introduced at October 25th, 1977 Together with Virtual Memory System VMS or OpenVMS First commercially available 32 bit computer First installations in Carnegie Mellon University and CERN Made DEC the #2 computer manufacturer worldwide by 1982 Nightmare of any other computer manufacturer between 1980- 90 Shipped over 500,000 times worldwide USA DoD prohibited export into Eastern Block Cloned several times An entirely compatible family of computers with 100s of models Sold until 2000 The operating system OpenVMS has outlived its host platform VAX, a legend

  7. Introduced in 1992, end of life in 2007 64-bit RISC processor OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Windows NT Gentoo Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Slackware, Red Hat, Berkeley Software Distribution NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD Very large user community Alpha AXP

  8. Binary translation Native migration Virtualization DEC users, what now?

  9. From VAX to ALPHA: Using OMSVA From ALPHA to Itanium: Using OMSAI Both delivered by Stromasys to HP, freeware Fastest and most inexpensive solution Does not need the source code However, some serious limitations apply, such as the availability of older languages on the target platform VMS only User-mode applications, only Does not allow for future enhancements on target platform VAX to Itanium needs two steps Will impact performance Not all applications are binary translatable Binary translation

  10. Produces native application on the target platform Almost every application can be migrated Partial redesign during migration allows for replacing the programming language, middleware, user interface and design Further development and maintenance on target platform May give a performance boost However, will take long to implement Presents serious risks (time, functionality, QA, re-certification) Source code needed Native migration to a new platform

  11. HW virtualization, the principle Applications Applications Layered software Layered software No changes VAX/Alpha OS VAX/Alpha OS CHARON-VAX or -AXP VAX/Alpha hardware platform Hardware Replaced! Operating System Host computer

  12. Does not need the source code Replaces old HW by modern HW No significant migration efforts. Upgrades immediately, quickly, simply Inexpensive No risk Reduces computer footprint, energy consumption and cooling significantly Preserves current investments Keeps current applications Keeps current business processes, no impact on day-to-day operations No re-training, no re-staffing, no re-certification Increases performance Virtualization

  13. Virtual systems with VMware ESX (same platform virtualization)‏ Same system architecture Same system architecture VM VM In this environment, the Virtual Machines have the same architecture and instruction set as the hardware host system Virtual legacy systems with CHARON (cross-platform virtualization)‏ Applications Layered Software In this environment, the Virtual Machines have a (very) different architecture and instruction set from the host. VAX/Alpha OS Virtual VAX / AlphaHardware Virtualization Different SystemArchitecture Host Computer

  14. VAX VTxxx Console Terminal, etc Inside CHARON SCSI VAX SCSI VAX/Alpha disk Memory Memory Ethernet Ethernet SCSI VAX SCSI VAX/Alpha tape Disk controller Disk controller CPU VAX CPU Host system disk Host system disk Emulator Emulator Tape controller Tape controller Virtual disk Virtual disk Serial ports Serial ports System bus System bus interface interface Tape image Tape image VAX/Alpha VAX VTxxx VTxxx Console Console Terminal, etc Terminal, etc

  15. Full hardware compatibility Tested with DEC’s diagnostics and architecture tests (AXE) Operating System independent Runs VMS, VAXEln, Tru64 UNIX, Ultrix, NetBSD, etc, All versions Easy to migrate No VAX/Alpha binary code changes No VAX/Alpha application source code required No special host system or VAX/Alpha Operating System drivers Keep the benefits of current operating systems Supports NI clustering, shared disk clustering, shadowing, striping DECnet, Ethernet, TCP/IP, LAT… VMS security Add the benefits of modern technologies Lower cost of ownership Higher performance Smaller system footprint Faster networking More and faster storage, SAN, NAS Hardware independency (upgradeable/replaceable host) Multiple virtual systems on one host, simple server consolidation CHARON characteristics

  16. Design start: April 1999 First VMS logon: March 2000 First customer shipment in September 2000, 10 VUPS High-end product : June 2002, 50+ VUPS Shared disk clustering: August 2004 SMP VAX emulators : Sept 2004, 250+ VUPS VAX 6660 emulator : Sept 2005, 900+ VUPS Can replace any VAX or VAX cluster ever built Lightweight and portable Developed 100% in C++ CHARON-VAX history

  17. Announced and shipping since 2006 Benefiting from CHARON brand name and established confidence in the market Sales volumes increasing much faster than CHARON-VAX CHARON-AXP history

  18. CHARON products overview Alpha virtualizations CHARON-AXP/SMA, CHARON-AXP/SMA+, CHARON-AXPstation CHARON-AXP/3000, /4100, /DS10, /DS20, /ES40, /GS80, /GS160 Low- to mid-range VAX virtualizations CHARON-VAX/XM/XL/XK High-end VAX virtualizations CHARON-VAX/66x0 Real-time or embedded VAX and PDP-11 virtualization CHARON-TB

  19. CHARON-AXP products

  20. Feature overview

  21. CHARON-VAX products (x86) (*) Memory size depends on the CPU emulated (**) 3GB memory on 64 bit Windows


  23. Decision factors: Platform VMS version to run Memory size need Performance need Which CHARON-VAX to Use ?

  24. INDIVIDUAL License A single instance of a product on one host system MULTI-INSTANCE License One or multiple instances of a product on one host system The host must provide sufficient resources (= CPU cores, memory, NW cards) for the total of all instances, plus Windows All instances of a given product will have the same license characteristics (= expiration date, number of CPUs and RAM) NETWORK License One or multiple instances of a product on multiple hosts in a network For all license types Unlimited license, or Yearly license Price ratios: Unlimited : Initial year : Extensions = 100% : 40% : 40% Mix of CHARON-VAX and AXP products possible with HASP license keys CHARON licensing

  25. CHARON product support From Stromasys or a Stromasys-certified support organization (SDO) GOLD Support: 5 days / 8 hours PLATINUM Support: 7 days / 24 hours* VMS and Layered Products support From HP, as usual Tru64 and Layered Products support From HP, as usual Oracle support From Oracle Corp, as usual * Subject to geographical availability Support

  26. Right to transfer OpenVMS or Tru64 to the Virtual Alpha Operating system All supported layered products Now available through Stromasys For OpenVMS For Tru64 HP’s VMS and Tru64 transfers

  27. No consistent worldwide treatment by Oracle Price on VAX and Alpha = f (# of CPUs) Price on CHARON = Best case: f (# of Virtual CPUs) Worst case: f (# of host CPU cores) Oracle transfers

  28. No consistent worldwide treatment by Oracle Price on VAX and Alpha = f (# of CPUs) Price on CHARON = Best case: f (# of Virtual CPUs) Oracle LMS rule: f (# of host CPU cores * CPLF ) CPLF = Core Processor Licensing Factor"/processor-core-factor-table" Oracle transfers

  29. CHARON on VMware ESXi • Why two virtualization layers? • Market requirement for VMware support • May help fulfilling some corporate data center policy requirements • Allows mixing Windows or Linux CHARON with other operating systems on the same multi-core host • However, there is a performance price • Restrictions apply with vMotion • If non of the above is required, then please use the multi-instance license feature of CHARON !

  30. NI clusters Always possible, mixed or pure Shared Disk Clustering, prerequisites Ethernet connection for the Lock Manager traffic Concurrent accessibility of the storage device Identical device designation for the storage device in all nodes VMS clustering

  31. Tru64 V4.X and V5.X Ethernet connection Concurrent access of shared SCSI disks Tru64 V4.X Production Server (Memory Channel) Clusters currently not supported Tru64 V5.X Shared SCSI disks must have identical WWIDs on all nodes Memory Channel Interconnect must be replaced with Ethernet Interconnect, which requires V5.1A Tru64 clustering

  32. Why virtualization • Hardware is end-of-life • Service costs have increased significantly • Operational costs (e.g. energy consumption, footprint) are excessive • Application rewriting and re-certification may be expensive & risky • Experts and/or application source code not always available • Automatic binary conversion to OpenVMS/IPF does not always work • Market expects modern platforms • Higher performance needs • Tru64 Unix

  33. Replace old and expensive HW by modern HW Significantly reduce cost of ownership Preserve current investments Keep current applications Keep current business processes, no impact on day-to day operations No re-training, no re-staffing, no re-certification Extend on new platforms, create room for future growth Become HW independent Increase performance Scalable size and licensing conditions in line with client’s needs Upgrade immediately, quickly, simply Reduce space needs significantly Benefits

  34. BT, US Dept. of Defense (Pentagon), many Navies, Air Forces and Armies, Contraves, Dresdner Bank, Bosch, CMC Electronics, GAFSA, Bank Morval, Ferrero, Ishida, Brittany Ferries, Robotek, Stahlwerk Bous, Alcatel, Lexmark, many hospitals in USA and Australia, many counties in USA, EDF, Warner Robbins, Ship Analytics, Vattenfall, Dow Chemical, Bell Group, Janssen Pharmaceutica, ProQuest Allison, many universities, AKZO Nobel, General Dynamics, Rolls Royce, GE, P&R, Vodaphone, Philip Morris, Philips, Jaguar, Opel, British Energy, Elvia, Teijin Dupont, Optus, IASCO, NAMSA, Corus steel, Samsung, Toshiba, ABB, Raytheon, HP, EST Enerji, Nortel, Scania, VEBA, BREGA, Swedish Steel, Barco, Oracle, Agfa, Northrop Grumman, TRW, Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, Voestalpine, Medisuisse, Migros PK, Spida, Vibro-Meter, Milano Railways, SBB/CFF, Hitachi, Nikon, Fujitsu, HSBC, EDS, Thales, Nokia, EADS, Ferrari, Ford, Fidelity … and many others Some CHARON-VAX users

  35. Some CHARON-AXP users • Europe • Arma Suisse • BCC • BP • Bundeswehr • Commerzbank • Degremont • Eurofighter • European Space Agency • Fugro UK • Huntsmann Chemicals • Gallimard France • GlaxoSmithKline Italy • Kirchenrat Stuttgart • Metalli Italy • Oto Melara • Philips Medical Systems • Police Netherlands • RAF UK • Stockholm Public Transport • Urano Germany • Global • Nikon • Americas • ACSSD • Brooks Automation • Bureau of Census • Cargill • Catalyst Paper • Caterpillar • Cedar Rapids Corn Mill • Central de Valores Chili • City of Oklahoma • Fedex • General Dynamics • ITT • Jefferson Parish Sherriff • New Brunswick Power • OSPI • Penton • RL Polk • South Central Power • Australia/New Zealand • ABC • St. Vincents Hospitals • Workcover • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

  36. Stromasys SA P.O. Box 156 1228 Plan-les-Ouates Switzerland Tel. +41 22 794 1070 Fax +41 22 794 1073 Product descriptions Application notes Documentation Utility downloads Partner pages For more information