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Officials will: Review games as they are scheduled Provide availability in advance (Website) PowerPoint Presentation
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Officials will: Review games as they are scheduled Provide availability in advance (Website)

Officials will: Review games as they are scheduled Provide availability in advance (Website)

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Officials will: Review games as they are scheduled Provide availability in advance (Website)

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  1. Officials will: • Review games as they are scheduled • Provide availability in advance (Website) • Review assignments and act within 48 hrs • Monitor changes in venue/times • Keep log of cards /with name (s) / team (s) • Post scores on website within 24 hrs • Post mileage as applicable within 24 hrs • Officials will: • Obtain all required certifications • Understand and enforce all rules • Attend regularly scheduled meetings • Professionalism at all times • Not engage parents/fans • Courteous and professional with coaches • Evaluate/Learn/Improve as you go • Officials will: • Have all uniforms/gear at the site • Arrive 30 minutes prior for every game • Work as a team • Depart site immediately/No mingling • Communicate emergencies as they occur • Ensure address/phone # loaded on website • Continuously recruit new officials • Manage assignor fees: not in arrears • Assignor will: • Monitor/input schedules from team liaisons • Keep website updated • Assign at minimum two weeks out • Assign the right crew to each game • Create/review/distribute invoices • Oversee payment of all officials • Provide feedback to officials as necessary • Communicate!!!

  2. Links Of Interest: • RANKONE: This is required of all KISD schools for scheduling • GameOfficials public site: This is where officials can review future games. This site lists any games scheduled and will show names of officials once verified. • home page and login • UIL website: • TASO website: • Official (Purchase of referee gear) • Temple High School: Standings/Results for Region I: District 8-5A

  3. UIL interface with How to input: Mileage//Game Pay This only applies to Cameron High School • Website: • After all games: Log in to the website with your Userid & password • Under “personal information”, go to “After games” • Click on the respective game # • From here, you will enter the final score of the game (If applicable) • From here, you will also list the applicable travel information • ***This must be done for the system to invoice the game*** • Ensure you go to bottom of screen and save your information This only applies to Cameron High School

  4. UIL interface with How to input: Mileage//Game Pay, cont.. • Mileage is now covered under the “Non Metro Mileage Plan” agreed upon by the board and all ISD’s. • Mileage this year will only be claimed for games at Cameron High School. • All three officials can claim mileage (at 60% state rate)- Each official must input the “ONE WAY” mileage after completion of game. (The system will automatically calculate your round trip mileage). This is from your house to the site. Use “Google Map” to verify your mileage, not your odometer. The school districts must use Google map when paying officials mileage. • Officials must do this within 24 hours. If an invoice is generated and you have not input your one way mileage, you will not be paid your mileage. • All other schools: you will receive the standard mileage pay, one time per site/day. The system will automatically invoice this amount, no entry required. • KISD/CCISD/SISD- $12.00 per offic1al: LISD: $15 per official (Paid once per site/day)

  5. UIL interface with How to input: Mileage/Game Pay, cont.. • Website: • You can view your “expected” pay under the following: • “Main menu” select reports, then chose “Estimated • pay sheet-Official”. Check the dates to ensure they are set • for the pay you are querying. You can input custom dates • for the report. Then select “Get report” at the upper right hand • side. Your pay will then reflect.

  6. UIL interface with GFHSRA Invoicing with the ISD’s • 1. We will invoice each school district approximately every two • weeks. This will be dependant on volume of games. KISD may • be more frequent as they have the higher volume of games. • I will notify the association when each invoice is created, processed • and disseminated. • The system actually allows input of the pay officials for each ISD. The • invoices will go directly to them. I will follow up each time to ensure • receipt. • The treasurer serves as our liaison, officials should not contact the ISD’s • directly. Contact the treasurer if you have a pay question. • Be patient: Pay should be streamlined, but we sometimes experience • delays.

  7. Maps to our supported schools Field Referee’s can store there stuff in the Trainers Office Door is located around the right side of Field House (From Front of School) Field House Parking Lot Main Entrance Field House Tennis courts Gate Field Elms Road Ellison High School Verna Lee Road Main School At heights, you enter the front door of Field house and in middle there is an athletic Office on Right Hand Side FM 2410 Harker Heights High School

  8. Gate Trng Room Referee’s can store there stuff in the Trainers Office Door is located as marked here. Once you enter door, go thru weight room, take right down The hallway, training room is on the left hand side. (Sometimes they will lock our bags In the coaches office/video room at far right end of field house. Field Field House Door School Clear Creek Road Parking Main School Killeen Leo Buckley Stadium North 38th Street West Elms Road Shoemaker High School Maint Area There are two entrances/Take the Right entrance, It is listed as Home Team Parking for Football games At Leo, park as listed, enter in the big gate to The field and enter the double doors to the bldg Marked “maint Area”. Parking area Killeen High School

  9. Rodney Ave. Parking Field Parking Field House At Cove: In Middle of Field house is A coaches Office/ Break room That is where we Meet/maintain our gear Williams Street Main School Lampasas Field Field House US 281 Sounth Park Here Copperas Cove BullDawg Stadium 190 Westbound from Killeen At Lampasas, we stay in the Athletic Director’s Office, which is located right inside the door As marked. This door Locks automatically when shutting: So check with the Coach/AD to ensure someone is There to unlock at halftime and end of game. Lampasas High School

  10. New Police Station Parking Park Here Field Alternative School Fire House Field House Parking Snack Shack Restrooms Ticket Booth Library Gate Copperas Cove High SchoolAve E Field At Cove Ave E Field: We Meet outside or in Snack Shack and maintain our gear there. 190 Westbound from Killeen

  11. Cameron High School Oxsheer M. Smith Athletic Complex 404 E 22nd St, Cameron, TX 76520

  12. Score Board Competition _________________ Date _________________ Location _________________ Referee __________________ AR 1 __________________ AR 2 __________________ Home Visitors Kick Off Team Captains Home Team Visiting Team Team Name Jersey Color Goals First Half Second Half First Half Second Half Times U8/10 2 x 25 U11/12 2 x 30 U13/14 2 x 35 U15/16 2 x 40 U17/18 2 x 45 Varsity 2 x 40 JV 2 x 35 Player Time N E W S Cautions UB Unsporting DT Dissent PI Persistent DR Delays FRD No 10 E Enters L Leaves Ejections SFP Serious Foul VC Violent Cond S Spits DGH Denies Goal DGF Denies Goal AL Lang or Gest 2CT 2d Caution C/E # Min Reason Reason C/E # Min C1 Enter/Leave C2 PI C3 DT C4 UB C5 Incident Lang C6 Coach use of Elect/Mech C7 Tobacco D1 VC/S D2 SFP D3 AL D4 Joining Fight D5 Taunt D6 2CT

  13. Pre-Game Checklist: 1. Meet with game administrator. Get name, where will they be, solicit help for crowd control 2. Meet with both coaches. Get rosters, review sportsmanship guidelines, ask if they have inspected the players equipment and if they are properly and safely equipped, reviews substitution procedures, team areas, ball holders? Overtime procedures. Get game balls 3. Meet with time keeper: Review signals for clock stoppage and when clock is to stop 4. Inspect field: goals anchored? nets taut? properly marked? legal corner flags? 5. Review duties with other officials (below) 6.Player review – shin guards – 2 inches, no jewelry except medical alert and must be taped down, check for braces. 3 Rules – Have fun, play within the laws, good sportsmanship. Play ball, not player. Play the whistle. Discuss Encroachment 7. Meet with Captains. Coin Toss. Control Players. Captains are allowed to ask questions Officials Pre-Game Review 1. Off-sides. Maintain position with second to last defender or ball, which ever is closer to goal line If penalty is warranted, raise flag and remain still until whistle sounds, if I don’t see it hold position unless defense gains control, then lower and resume normal position. 2. Ball out of bounds. You have primary control in your half, but please raise the flag if it goes out on my half. If I look at you, it means I’m needing some help. If you saw it, give me the signal, if not drop your flag to your side and I’ll make a decision. 3. Language – listen and talk to players, especially use of hands. Let me know about profanity. 4. Flag Signals – Crisp. Need to talk to me, pat your patch. Furled flag means something is wrong At beginning and half, count the players on your side and then unfurl the flag – I will be looking for a ready signal. 5. Substitutions – mirror flags 6. Clock – scoreboard is official if working. If stops working tell me. 7. Corner Kicks – don’t watch ball, watch players, give me first shot at anything in the box 8. PKs – move into edge of PA on goal line. 9. Throw-ins. Trail watch feet, lead watches hands. 10. Fouls – let me set tone UNLESS you see something really outlandish. Keep watch behind my back. 11. Will do my best to make eye contact at every stoppage.