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Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform

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Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform. Sumedh Ganpate 16 th April 2013. Housekeeping. Be on Time Mobiles on Silent Laptop Closed during Presentation Two Coffee Breaks (11am / 3.30pm) Lunch Break @ 1pm.

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Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. Avaya MidMarket Solution (IP Office R8.1 FP1 Server Edition) – Simplified, Scalable & Future-Proof Platform Sumedh Ganpate 16th April 2013

    2. Housekeeping • Be on Time • Mobiles on Silent • Laptop Closed during Presentation • Two Coffee Breaks (11am / 3.30pm) • Lunch Break @ 1pm

    3. Agenda – Presales Workshop (0.5 Day)

    4. Avaya Roadmap & Priority

    5. Roadmap PrioritiesStraight Ahead, With Speed The platform Scalable The Workforce Mobility Flexible The Customer’s Investments Future

    6. SME Communications: It’s All About InnovationThe Convergence Roadmap is now complete R9.0 R8.1 FP1 Sept’13 Dec’12 Avaya IP Office Manufacturer’s support policy is 3 years after the effective EOS date. An additional 3 years extended support beyond end date of manufacturer’s support is also available. INVESTMENT PROTECTION Avaya Integral 5 Completed: R5 Sept 2009 Avaya PARTNER® Completed: R6Mar 2010 PARTNER® EOS on 8 Nov 2010 Avaya Norstar Completed R6.1 plus R7 Nov 2010 and March, 2011 Norstar EOS on 4Oct2010 Avaya BCM Completed R7 March 2011 BCM EOS on 1 Mar 2012 • Accelerates innovation with IP Office, our flagship solution for SME markets

    7. IP Office Roadmap IP Office R9 (Sept 2013) IP Office 8.1 FP1* (Current) Release Theme Core Value Top Features Intent Committed Generally Available * This Feature Pack will require a full upgrade Avaya - Restricted, Confidential and Proprietary

    8. Solution Overview

    9. Communication & Collaboration from Anywhere • Use the same tools at home, on the road, or in the office. • Access the corporate directory and messages, see employee availability, schedule and manage conference calls, chat, and make or receive calls. • Reduce long distance, mobile, and international calling cost.

    10. Avaya IP Office Platform of your choice Single Platform Scalable from 5-1,000 users Single-site or Multi-site Distributed or Centralized SME, Midmarket, or Branch Appliance, S/W only, or Hybrid Internal or External Applications Convergence platform for Norstar, BCM, & Partner Integration Flexible Architectures – Migrate at your own pace Investment Protection / Cost Effective Hardware and Software Investment Protection New & Legacy IP, Digital, or Analog Endpoints Unique Consistent User Experience Handsets Desktop Mobile Tablet In the Office On the Road Teleworker Home Enterprise Branch Mid-Market SME IP Office

    11. Avaya IP Office Solution Architecture * CentralizedMgmt. (SMGR) Local Licensing (ADI) CentralizedMgmt. & Licensing (SMGR, WebLM/PLDS) Branch #n Branch #2 Branch #1 CentralizedDial Plan, Trunking, Routing, Apps., & Survivability) 1. SME 2. Distributed Branch (Local Mgmt.) 3. Distributed Branch (*Centralized Mgmt.) 5. Avaya Aura Branch® (a. Distributed, b. Centralized, c. Mix) Avaya Aura® Centralized + IP Office Mid-Market IP Office SME IP Office Branch (B5800) Centralized Mgmt. & Licensing (Multi-site Mgr., ADI) Avaya Aura® Distributed Local Mgmt. & Licensing (IPO Mgr., ADI) Local Mgmt. & Licensing (IPO Mgr., ADI) Branch #n Branch #n HQ Site #1 IP Office 500 v2 Branch #2 Branch #2 Local Mgmt. (Rainy Day) Single Site Branch #1 Branch #1 Remote Site #n Remote Site #2 IP Office for Linux 4. Mid-market (Peer-Peer Networked) Mid-Market Mid-Market *Roadmap Item: Centralized Mgmt. (SMGR)

    12. MidMarketSolution Components

    13. IPO MiMarket Solution Schematic

    14. GLOBALSERVICES Mid Market Solution Components • Deployment • Options Avaya Server, Hybrid Avaya Server, All IP IP500v2 for Analog & Digital Sets Gateway for Analog & Digital sets Mid-market DVD & Server IPO Mid-market – DVD, Server & Gateway Rich UC Options Desktop Mobile Single SW Server Edition SW License • Infrastructure • & Endpoint Options Centralized Management • Data • Multi Media Endpoints • Multi-site Options Maintenance & Service Options Avaya IP Office Support Services (IPOSS)

    15. MidMarket Server Edition Solution What’s New Centralized Licensing with Single Image Distribution Share licenses across sites Central image repository Common database with templates 500 users on single node; 1000 users across 32 nodes Two Server Choices HPDL360 500 IP users 200 1x Portal Power users 100 VMPro ports HPDL120 250 IP users 100 1x Portal Power users 40 VMPro ports Integrated Multi-site Management Plug-n-Play remote site installation – Ignition Intuitive and user friendly - Browser based Centralized upgrades, back-up and restore 4 Hour Web Based Training Integrated Multi-site Web Manager Avaya IP Office Support Services (IPOSS) Secure Remote Access with SSL-VPN Secure remote access at broadband speeds Firewall and NAT traversal Eliminate truck-rolls Centralized Licensing Network

    16. Solution Architecture

    17. MidMarket Server Edition Solution Schematic Centralized management - Server Edition - Voicemail Channel - Users / SIPT - User Productivity - SoftConsole - CTI Pro - TTS 500 - Users 250 - SIP Trunks 200 - 1XP Users 256 - DSPs 100 - VM Channels 128 - MMC 10 - SoftConsole As Backup to Primary 500 – Users 250 - SIP Trunks 256 – DSPs 128 – MMC • Server Edition • Voicemail Channel • CTI Pro • - TTS 500 – Users 125 - SIP Trunks 128 – DSPs 128 – MMC 384 - Users: D/A 125 - SIP Trunks 148 - DSPs 128 - MMC 8 - PRI 144 - PSTN Secondary Server HP DL360G7 or DL120G7* Primary ServerHP DL360G7 or DL120G7* Multi-Site Networking Expansion Server HP DL120G7 IPO500v2 Expn. • Server Edition • CTI Pro • - TTS • Server Edition • CTI Pro • - TTS * - With DL120G7 Server the capacity reduces to Half

    18. Desk-to-desk dialing Absent Text Message Anti-Tromboning Busy Lamp Field Call Hold Call Transfer Call Forward Hot desking across network Call Paging Call Pick-up Call Back when Free Camp-on Conference Centralized Voice Mail (using VoiceMail Pro) Dynamic Internal Users Directory Distributed Groups across network IP MidMarket Solution - Small Community Networking Voice Networking between Server Edition sites over IP links (using Linked numbering plan) Up to 1000 users across 32 Server Edition sites SCN is Activated by default thru Server Edition License

    19. IPO500v2 as Expansion Server & Telsets

    20. Digital / Analog Sets PRI / BRI / PSTN Trunks IP Office 500v2 Exp Server - Highlights • Modular, flexible platform • 4 slots built-in • can connect to 8 expansion modules, or 12 when using 4-port expansion card • Supports classical and IP telephony: • Analog, digital and IP (SIP & H.323) sets • Analog, ISDN and SIP trunks

    21. IP Office 500v2 Exp Server – Front & Rare View

    22. IP Office 500v2 Exp Server - Station & Trunk Cards * VCM v2 cards does not come with free 12-IP station licenses

    23. Base & Daughter Card Structure 2 Daughter / Trunk Card 1 Base with Daughter Card IPO500v2 Base / Stations Card 3

    24. IP Office 500 expansion modules • Choice of expansion modules: • DS 16, DS 30: provide 16 or 30 digital extensions • Phone 16, Phone 30: provide 16 or 30 analog extensions • DS16A, DS30A provide 16 or 30 ports for Norstar/BCM phones (using RJ21 connectors)

    25. IP Office 500 expansion modules Expansion Module IPO500v2

    26. IP Office SIP Trunking IP Office Managed View SIP Provider SIP phone DECT R4 B2BUA Call Control UA IP phone H323 SIP Provider B2BUA Digital phone DCP B2BUA Analog Analog phone SIP Provider • UA (User Agent) is an entity in SIP that generates and terminates sessions. • B2BUA (Back to Back User Agent) is an entity in SIP that generates and terminates sessions. • IP Office acts a SIP gateway i.e. no need for a SIP phone to make a SIP call with IP Office • Incoming calls are routed based on IP Office incoming call routes • Calls can be matched against ‘Incoming’ (from) and ‘Called’ (to) addresses • SIP Trunks are licensed in increments of 1, 5, 10 and 20 • Additional sizes are available by combining licences

    27. IP Office SIP Trunking • Requires Licenses • License defines the maximum number of simultaneous SIP trunk calls Bundles • Requires VCM Card (DSP) on IPO500v2 Exp. Server 202967 IPO LIC SIP TRNK RFA 1 202968 IPO LIC SIP TRNK RFA 5 202969 IPO LIC SIP TRNK RFA 10 202970 IPO LIC SIP TRNK RFA 20 205820 IPO LIC SIP TRUNKING TRIAL RFA 1 • Capacity: • HPDL360: 250 • Expansion / IPO500v2: 125

    28. MidMarket Server Edition – Avaya Phones 9621G 9608 9641G 9608 9608 BM12 9630G 9640, 9640G 9650 9620L 9650/C 9620C 9620L SBM24 9650, 9650C 1603i 1608i 1616i 1616i 1608i 1616i BM32 1416 1408 1416 DBM32 1403 1408 1416 9508 BM12 9508 9504 9611G

    29. MidMarket Server Edition – Audio Conf. Phones B149 B159 B179 • Range of sleek, professional, Full Duplex Conference phones • Superior voice quality • Omni-direction speakers and microphones • Expansion Microphones • SIP or Analog • SD Card for Call Recording

    30. MidMarket Server Edition – VPN Phones Internet IP Hard Phone with VPN Client Software Integrates the functionality of the VPN device into the Avaya IP phone VPN Gateway • VPN Client Software supported on: • 5600 series • 9600 series • Application Notes available for VPN Gateways: • Kentrox VPN Q2300 Router • Netgear FVS338 VPN Router • Adtran Advanta 3305 Complete list located at:

    31. MidMarket Server Edition – SIP Phones • Requires 3rd party IP phone license • Several endpoints have been tested • E.g. Nokia S60, CounterPath eyeBeam/X-Lite, Polycom Soundstation, Aastra, Patton ATA, QE ATA, Grandstream, Innovaphone, iOs, Android • Basic feature set, may vary per phone • T.38 FAX over IP support

    32. LAN MidMarket Server Edition – Wireless VoIP • Requires Voice Priority Processor (AVPP) • Can be Twinned with deskphone • Features include VM indication, Hold / Mute / Transfer / Conference / last Number Redial softkeys • Talk time for 3641/45: standard 4, max 8 hours with Ultra-Ext. Battery TFTP Server 802.11 Access Points Avaya IP Office IP Connection Voice Priority Processor 3641/45 a/b/g standard

    33. MidMarket Server Edition – DECT R4 • Can be Twinned with deskphone • Features include VM indication, missed call indication & Call List, Hold / Mute / Transfer / Conference / Park (programmable). Access to IPO directory & messaging using AIWS. • Talk time 13 - 16 hours Extension Twinning WAN IP Ethernet Avaya DECT R4 Base Station Handover Management Portability between Offices AIWS • Max. 48 base stations, 384 phones • BS: max 8 simultaneous calls • VCM required • Compact DECT: max 5 base stations with each max 4 simultaneous calls 3749 3725 3740 3720

    34. Resiliency

    35. MidMarket Server Edition Resilient Components

    36. MidMarket Server EditionLicenses Supported

    37. MidMarket Server EditionLinux Licensing • Linux Feature Key Serial Number (termed System ID) is derived from platform hardware components • For Avaya-supplied, System ID is displayed on packaging and server • If the hard drive or Ethernet card fails, a replacement will change the System ID. • 30 day grace period on a change. New licenses required before expiry.

    38. MidMarket Server EditionLicense Operation • The Primary acts as a central license server • Allocates to Secondary or Expansion systems on request. • Allocates to remote systems only after it has satisfied its own requirements • Secondary and Expansion systems will check their local licenses first before any request of the Primary. • Local licenses cannot be placed into the Primary’s license pool • Any Secondary or Expansion system losing contact with the Primary will persist allocated licenses for a 15 day grace period • Alarms (SSA/SNMP/Syslog/email) for license over allocation, grace period start + reminder

    39. MidMarket Server Edition Administration Overview • All administration focused on the server management web portal, termed Web Control • Install, configuration, alarms, logs, upgrades, backup etc. • Supports standard browsers (Firefox, IE, etc) • Web Control provides solution administration on Primary and Secondary • Web Control can also manage LinuxExpansion systemslocally for install and‘Rainy Day’ scenarios

    40. MidMarket Server Edition Server Edition Manager – Configuration • Select ‘Solution’ or specific device in the list and then ‘Configuration’ • Navigation Pane opened on selection:

    41. UC; Mobile & Video Collaboration Out of Box

    42. User Productivity Licenses IP OFFICE RECEPTIONIST • Works switchboard • Can manage multiple sites from anywhere IP OFFICE OFFICE WORKER • Work from the office IP OFFICE POWER USER • Laptop & Cell Phone • Need to work from anywhere

    43. Receptionist IP OFFICE RECEPTIONIST • Softconsole • Works switchboard • Can manage multiple sites from anywhere

    44. Receptionist: SoftConsole • Intuitive flexible interface • Ability to maintain visibility of: • Calls waiting • Calls holding/parking • Available resourcesper business function • Centralized Operator/Attendant • Ability to perform minor system administrative functions (e.g., change group status, change divert settings) • Works with IP telephones on Primary Server

    45. Office Worker • One-X Portal for IP Office • Excluding Telecommuter Mode • Flare Experience • Unified Messaging Service (UMS) IP OFFICE OFFICE WORKER • Work from the office

    46. Unified Communication • One-X Portal: Thin client; Enhance User Experience • Federated presence with GoogleTalk contacts • Mute button for active calls • MS Exchange calendar mining • Transfer IM to voice conversation • Simple URLs • MyBuddy • Gadget tabs • & more! • Easy 3rd party gadget integration • e.g. iGoogle Require Office Worker or Power User License

    47. Unified Communication • One-X Portal Call Assistant • Windows client providing: • Outlook screen pop • One-X Portal screen pop • Incoming /missed call notification • Hot-key dialling 48

    48. Unified Communication • One-X Plug-in for Ms Outlook: Integrate Business Apps with Comm. Click to call or conference Federate presence with MS Exchange, GoogleTalk Visual voicemail Calendar mining • Easy to install – no additional servers required • intuitive for your customers to use • Increase consideration with Microsoft SMEs • Require Office Worker or Power User Prime contacts always on display – no search required!

    49. Unified Communication • One-X Plug-in for Make and receive calls Consultative or blind transfers Screen pop on incoming calls Place calls on / off hold • Simple plug-in appears in side bar of every SFDC page • Enable your customers to personalize their service • Instant access to customer information