from whales to windmills
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From Whales to Windmills

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From Whales to Windmills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From Whales to Windmills. Earth Science Rassmussen 5A Noah Banasiewicz - Liam McLaughlin - Christian Moss. How will this invention be beneficial?.

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from whales to windmills

From Whales to Windmills

Earth Science

Rassmussen 5A

Noah Banasiewicz - Liam McLaughlin - Christian Moss

how will this invention be beneficial
How will this invention be beneficial?

The Sunken Airlines aircraft would be a groundbreaking new piece of technology, its unnatural capabilities would make an outstanding vehicle for various commercial purposes. Firstly, its ability to operate under water as well as in the air would make for more efficient travel, opening up new routes to certain destinations. Secondly, Sunken Airlines would be an extremely fast alternative to commercial jets and/or boats used now a days. Thirdly, this aircraft would offer a new way for goods to exported and exported from different regions. And lastly, the S.A aircraft would serve as a great addition to the United States military for combat. As stated before, the Sunken Airline’s ability to enter the water as well as the air would allow the ability avoiding or tricking the enemy with its different maneuvers.


One example we found where the Sunken Airlines aircraft could be used efficiently is in the U.S Coast Guard. The Coast Guard uses helicopters or even human divers to retrieve stranded or injured victims in the water. We feel that with our aircraft, we could make these extractions much more efficient and safe. Due to the fact that the Sunken Airlines has the ability to act from water and air, the plane could simply spot the objective/s from the air, and then move in and make a safe extraction from the water. This process would then make it much easier and safer for the divers to retrieve the victims. Therefore, if the Sunken Airlines was put into effect, we would reduce the risk of these rescues as well as the the annual loss of Coast Guard divers/rescuers.

sailfish fin
Sailfish Fin

The Sailfish is the fastest animal in the sea. They have been recorded to swim 100 meters in 4.8 seconds. They are able to do this with their large dorsal fin which acts much like a “sail”, flaring out with each movement.

peregrine falcon
Peregrine Falcon

When researching on some of the fastest birds in the world, we faced the difficulty of finding a birds wing that was compact enough yet not too small to be retracting when it entered the water. And we also need a wing design that still carried the trait of great speed. Therefore, the peregrine falcon’s compact, yet speedy, wing design offered the best choice for our aircraft.

flying fish tissue
Flying Fish Tissue

The Flying Fish has the incredible ability to outstretch extra body tissue to form wings which give the fish lift for a few moments in the air. We decided to take this design so that the Sunken Airlines could gain momentum before fully returning into the air from the water.

Peregrine Falcon Style Wings (Retracting)

Pelican Style Nose

Utility Center

Sailfish Style Fin


Flying Fish Style Wings