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TJB Advertising Ltd -Business Development Program

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TJB Advertising Ltd

Business Development Programme

If you are looking for a career within the sales and marketing

industry, then the business development programme is a

proven way to get that started. As with the sales programme,

you will be coached in a fun environment, but this time with

the opportunity to develop the necessary skills required to

run your own direct sales company. Progression will come at

your own pace with one on one coaching along the way. The

stages of the programme are designed to reflect the ever

changing and increasing demands of the clients that we


They are set to instill leadership, motivation and time

management skills as well as an understanding of how to

development others.

marketing Stage 1 Field Representative - Covers the basic

elements of sales and customer service so

that you can develop the essential skills which

will allow you to effectively represent clients.

marketing Stage 2 Leadership - Skills Learn how to plan

and utilise your time effectively, develop self

motivation skills which enables you to take

responsibility for coaching and mentoring


marketing Stage 3 Team Leadership - Become skilled at

motivating and maximising performance both

for yourself and others.

marketing Stage 4 Assistant Ownership - Learn what is

required to run an effective Marketing

Company of your own.

marketing Stage 5 Ownership - Run your own Marketing

Company and influence its growth,

profitability and success by applying the

knowledge you have gained by completing the