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Outdoor Advertising for Business Development

Outdoor advertising is the best type of mass advertising to make people aware about your products and services.

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Outdoor Advertising for Business Development

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  2. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  The main goal of an advertisement is ultimately to persuade the target market to purchase your products and services. This requires brilliant creative ideas and good media to deliver that idea to your target audience. But what form of media should you use? There are basically two categories of advertisements - Outdoor Advertising and everything else! An essential part of any advertising campaign is to develop a strategy and determine whether Outdoor Advertising should be part of your media mix.

  3. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING – MEDIA THAT MOVES Outdoor advertising is the best type of mass advertising to make people aware about your products and services. You can reach everybody on the move across all demographics and they can’t switch it off! There are various types of outdoor advertisements like roadside billboards, shopping centre signs, transit etc. Here we will discuss an effective and niche form of outdoor advertising – media that moves. These formats include Digital LED Screens, Walking Billboards and Mobile Billboards.

  4. LED Mobile Billboards - DIGITAL LED SCREENS FOR ADVERTISING  Digital LED screens for advertising have experienced huge growth in Australia over the last 5 years as this form of advertising is flexible and effective. A more recent development is Digital LED screens for advertising on purpose built trucks and trailers. These Digital LED Screens can be put anywhere outside where there is power. This development has opened up digital advertising as an option for everyone. Many of the companies are opting for this form of advertising using LED Mobile Billboards as it allows them to utilize digital advertising outside their business premises.

  5. WALKING BILLBOARDS  If you are looking for a lower costs and effective form of outdoor advertising, consider walking billboards. Walking billboards are small moving billboards that can take a message to the point of sale. Professional promo staff wear these advertising boards and can walk around shopping malls and events. This can deliver huge brand awareness and instant sales from the crowds.  So how do you choose the right media provider to deliver your advertising campaign? Make sure that you entrust your brand only to a company that has a proven track record with this kind of outdoor advertising. Running Boards is one of the leading media providers in Australia which has been in business for 25 years. Running Boards provide lots of different forms of media that moves - digital and electronic billboards, mobile billboards, bicycle billboards and walking billboards. Running Boards has some great media formats and lots of experience.

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