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Leadership: Understanding its Global Impact

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Leadership: Understanding its Global Impact - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership: Understanding its Global Impact. Chapter 9 : Leadership communication. Learning objectives. Describe the differences between core, team and strategic communication skills Understand and practice the key elements at each communication level Develop effective negotiation skills

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Leadership:Understanding its Global Impact

Chapter 9:

Leadership communication

learning objectives
Learning objectives
  • Describe the differences between core, team and strategic communication skills
  • Understand and practice the key elements at each communication level
  • Develop effective negotiation skills
  • Explain and contrast conflict management styles
chapter contents
Chapter contents
  • Spotlight: Brian Cook
  • Introduction
  • The importance of communication for leaders
  • Core communication skills for leaders
  • Leader in action: Pat Grier
  • Team communication skills
  • Strategic and external communication skills
  • Communication across cultures
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Summary
  • Case study: Ramsay Health Services
spotlight brian cook
Spotlight: Brian Cook
  • Good summary of how communication skills … and sound communication systems … establish the foundation for organisational effectiveness
  • Skills and techniques identified in this spotlight can be learnt
  • Effective communication skills are critical
  • ‘Transfer of understanding and meaning to others’
  • In this chapter:
    • Core
    • Team
    • Strategic and external communication skills
the importance of communication
The importance of communication
  • Winston Churchill
    • ‘the difference between mere management and leadership is communication’ (Humes 1991)
  • Leaders spend from around 75% to 90% of their time on communication activities
core communication skills
Core communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills/people skills
    • oral and written communication
    • non-verbal communication
    • active listening
    • giving and receiving feedback
    • emotional intelligence
    • negotiation andconflict resolution
  • Active listening and giving and receiving feedback are most critical
team communication skills
Team communication skills
  • Open door policy
  • Managing by walking around (MBWA)
  • Facilitating meetings - about 15% of the salary cost of large organisations is spent on employee meeting time
  • Carlopio, Andrewartha & Armstrong 2005; Dubrin, Dalglish &Miller 2006
    • The ‘4 Ps’.
strategic and external communication skills
Strategic and external communication skills
  • Important as leader rises in the organisation
    • Statements of vision, mission and values
    • Communication systems
    • Leaders as communication role models
    • Knowledge management
    • External relations
communication across cultures
Communication across cultures
  • Cultural differences between people can affect the way a leader chooses to communicate
  • A framework for understanding cultural differences
    • Hofstede 2001 and Trompenaars et al. 1998
    • O’Hara-Devereaux and Johansen 1994
negotiation and conflict resolution skills
Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Leaders devote around 20% of their time to negotiating outcomes or resolving conflict
  • Leaders often poorly skilled in this area
  • Leaders must be the initiators of conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
    • distributed bargaining
    • integrative bargaining
  • Key skills - Fisher & Ury 1981
  • Conflict situations
    • task conflict
    • relationship conflict
    • process conflict
relationship conflict
Relationship conflict
  • Lussier & Achua 2004 – 5 styles
    • avoidance
    • accommodation
    • force
    • negotiation
    • collaboration
the bcf model
The BCF model
  • Collaborative style recommended for most conflict situations
  • Lussier & Achua 2004 recommend when using this style, the leader use the Behaviour, Consequences, and Feelings (BCF) model
  • Everything a leader does to influence others involves communicating
  • Good communication skills are the foundation of effective leadership
  • Good communication skills alone, however, do not make an effective leader
case study ramsay health centre
Case study: Ramsay Health Centre
  • What were the first steps Ramsay leaders used to turn the organisation around?
  • List the communication techniques Ramsay leaders used to open communication channels to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Why was the ‘Ramsay Way’ so important in developing a special culture for the organisation?