the world we create nats 101 section 6
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“The World We Create” NATS 101 Section 6

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“The World We Create” NATS 101 Section 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The World We Create” NATS 101 Section 6. Be aware! Cooperate! You will be asked to actively participate in the Debate today. . Remember , Project 1 due this Tuesday. 02/11. UNIT 1: Energy Sources, Conventional or Alternative ?. Alternative Sources. Our Focus.

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the world we create nats 101 section 6
“The World We Create”NATS 101Section 6

Be aware! Cooperate!You will be asked to actively participate in the Debate today.

Remember, Project 1 due this Tuesday


Our Focus

Evaluate an alternative energy source considering a variety of factors such as:

  • Availability of source;
  • Renewability;
  • Environmental impact;
  • Energy content;
  • Price;
  • Diversity of transformation devices;
  • Efficiency of transformation devices;
  • Political, economic, and social impact;




Solar Energy

Two different types of solar energy:

  • Other energy sources that are created by energy from the sun, such as biofuels.
  • Energy is captured by solar devices, such as photovoltaic cells.
solar panels

$$ Solar Panels $$

You’re building a new house, and are particularly concerned with “Going Green”, you’re thinking of installing Solar Panels.

How many do you need?

How much does it cost?

Is it worth doing?

energy needs
Energy Needs

1. Energy used per day:

(24 h) x (1.2 kWh / h) = 28.8 kWh

28.8 kWh x (1000 Wh / kWh) = 28,800 Wh

2. Energy generated per day In Tucson:

(5.4 h ) x (10 Wh / h / ft2) = 54 Wh / ft2

(total during Tucson’s daylight hours)

3. Square feet of solar panels needed:

(28,800 Wh) x (1 ft2 / 54 Wh) = 533 ft2 in Tucson

let s calculate cost
Let’s Calculate: Cost

Again discuss with your group the following calculations (you have ~5 minutes) :

  • What is the total cost for powering a) Tucson Home; b) Chicago Home using solar panels?
  • Over 20 years the total energy required to operate the average home is 210,240 kWh. Given this energy requirement and the cost you calculated above, what is the cost (in cents / kWh) of the solar panels over this 20 year period?Compare this with the cost of coal based energy 8.35 cents /kWh.

You have 5 minutes

cost determination
Cost Determination

4. Cost for a single home in Tucson:

(533 ft2) x ($56 / ft2) = $29,866

5. Cost over 20 years in Tucson:

($29866) x (100 cents / $1) = 2986666 cents

(total cost in cents) / (total energy requirements) =

(2986666 cents) / (210240 kWh) = 14.205 cents/kWh


6. Given all the data you have, would you install solar panels to operate your home? Why or why not?

7. What considerations did you have to think about in making your decision whether or not to install solar panels.

8. Which of your considerations did you value the most? Why?

You have 5 minutes

Solar Energy


Renewable, availability, peak service, long-lasting, no emissions, low maintenance.


Cost, device efficiency, intermittency, storage.

However, when and where electricity is delivered is often more important than price.



Produced by fermentation of sugar-rich substrates (corn, starch, sugar cane, etc.)

Made from vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled greases.


Chemical compounds derived from renewable resources such as plant or animal materials that can undergo a combustion reaction.

the great debate
The Great Debate

Should we us Ethanol as an alternative Fuel?


Upon completion of all debates, you should be able to:

  • Form an opinion either for or against the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel.
  • Be able to justify that opinion using pros or cons from“at least” 3 of the 4 debates
4 Categories

4 Categories

Ethanol Debate

Economy Pro

Energy Supply Pro

Dependence Con










Pro Con Environment

Energy Supply Con

Economy Con

Dependence Pro


the rules
The Rules

Moderator presents question

1 minute per initial response

30 seconds per rebuttal

Repeat for other side

Questions from other group members (time permitting)

Same rules apply from above

our expectations to earn participation points today
Our ExpectationsTo Earn Participation Points Today:

Be Courteous

Respectful Listening

Take Notes (Hint, Hint)

debate 1 economy
Debate #1$$ Economy $$

Q#1: (Pros) If the U.S. stopped producing ethanol, how would it hurt our economy?

Q#2: (Cons) If the U.S. increased the production of ethanol, using current methods, how would it hurt our economy?

debate 2 environment
Debate #2Environment

Q#1: (Cons) Using ethanol (as an alternative) has been reported to reduce pollution. Do you agree with this claim? Please elaborate

Q#2: (Pros) Would you say that ethanol use is good for the environment as a whole?

debate 3 energy efficiency
Debate #3Energy Efficiency

Q#1: Ethanol contains approximately 34% less energy per unit of volume than gasoline, and therefore burning pure ethanol in a vehicle would result in a 34% reduction in miles per gallon, why would we possibly want to use ethanol as an alternative fuel for gasoline?

Q#2: The U.S. produces most of its ethanol from corn what makes this way less efficient and effective than places like Brazil who produce their ethanol from sugar cane?

debate 4
Debate #4

Dependence on Foreign Oil

Q#1: (Pros) In regards to our country’s “dependence,” why should our country invest in ethanol production?

Q#2: (Cons) Will production of ethanol be a means to an end of our “dependence?” Justify

let s recap
Let’s Recap:

We watched 4 different debates on whether or not we should use ethanol as an alternative source of fuel.

We heard differing opinions on those debates.

Those debating shared with us their reasons and justifications for their opinions.

now take a minute or two
Now, Take a Minute or Two…

Did your opinion (either for or against the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel source) change after watching or taking part in the debate? Please write it down individually on a piece of paper.

What’s something that you learned today from the debate?