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ANDREW. The Breakfast club.

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ANDREW. The Breakfast club.
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ANDREW. The Breakfast club.

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  1. ANDREW.The Breakfast club.

  2. This character was made and influenced by the time he was created (1984/85) . Andrew is from Chicago and attends Shermer high school. He is a upper class teenager with what seems a stable background although things do get revealed in the film. Andrew is not known for having a brain, he is clearly known for his sport and extreme talent and is labelled as a jock which influences his nick name of ‘Sporto’ which is given to him by Bender. The character lives with his family which we don’t really find much about except his relationship with his father is based just on the pressure to do well in sport. ‘Everyone's home life is unsatisfying, if it wasn’t we’d all live with out parents forever’ – doesn’t like living at home because he has ‘got to be a winner, no losers allowed in the family.’ this influences the fact that his main focus in the film is to always be at his best in sport. Throughout the film Andrew’s main feeling is the need to be accepted; acceptance from everyone is what he wants most, he wants his dad to accept him for who he is and for the other kids to like him. Although he gives off that he has a high self-esteem, his father just brings him down. At the beginning of the film I think the audience should feel hate towards Andrew as he is just the typical cocky jock but as the story develops sad stories of his family life are revealed and you begin to feel sympathy for him. At the start of the film you don’t discover much about the character as it is not really focused on him although at some points he does stick up for Claire showing that he is caring. As the story progresses the problems with his father are shown in his broken down emotions. If I met my character I would stereotype him as a big headed popular boy and probably wouldn’t want to be friends with him but if I gave him a chance I could probably get along with him and possibly help him. Andrew.

  3. PERSONALITY TRAIT. Andrew is a popular sports person, his dad tells him not to get caught and mess up his sport future when he gets dropped to the detention. He becomes protective over Claire when Bender starts to talk to her. He talks violently towards Bender and Bryan and he acts nicely towards Alison when its just them two. When they eat lunch together Andrew gets out a massive lunch all healthy it shows something to do with his sport. At one point he tries to start a fight with Bender it shows he's quite a angry person. There's a shot of Bender and Andrew in the background, Bender is ripping out pages of books and Andrew is stretching in the background.

  4. WHO IS HE? • He is a cocky and arrogant jock who picks on the weak. • His world revolves around sport but and he has a winning mentality and his dad cares about him winning at sport and is a bad role model. • He also likes to stick up for people as Bender was insulting Claire and Bryan about what they do. • At first he thinks Alison is a ‘basket case’ but at the end he kisses her after she has a make over. • His world revolves around sport and you can tell this when he takes out his lunch which has lots of protein in it and there is also lots of it in there. • He can be wild as in the film he goes into the room and roars so loud that the window smashes.

  5. WHAT DO YOU OTHER CHARACTERS THINK OF HIM? • Bender thinks of Andrew as the popular kid that is automatically thick and who just cares about sport; bender looks down on everyone. • His parents see him as a machine that must do well in sport. His dad seems to be a bit of a bully towards him. • Alison sees Andrew as being quite interesting as he is the first person she properly talks too. • Claire think of Andrew as an equal as they have the same roll in school and have the same status. • Bryan feels intimidated by Andrew as he is at a much lower status then him and has never spoke to him before.