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Virtual. Organization . Brief Overview of Official VOR Partner Program . Welcome to Virtual Organization Recruiter , a unit of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI).

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    1. Virtual Organization

    2. Brief Overview of Official VOR Partner Program Welcome to Virtual Organization Recruiter , a unit of Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI). Thank You for taking the time to learn more about the Official VOR Partner opportunity at Virtual Organization Recruiter. By Pierre Coupet CEO & Chief Virtual Organization Architect Virtual Organization Recruiter

    3. About the Official VOR Partner Opportunity The new Official VOR Partner opportunity at Virtual Organization Recruiter has been created for 2 primary reasons: In response to worldwide inquiries from Global Executive Search firms, National and Local Recruitment firms, Independent Recruiters, Contract Recruiters, and other Human Resource Executives, including Human Capital Acquisition Consultants and Corporate Trainers to midsize to Global 2000 companies, whose clients are dealing with current employee and candidate assessment issues with respect to Hiring, Developing, Managing, LEADING, training and certifying a remote workforce, virtual workforce, globally distributed teams, virtual organizations, and flexible workplace strategy issues; and would like to partner with Virtual Organization Recruiter in order to offer our virtual organization aptitude assessment and certification solutions to their clients. Out of a need by Virtual Organization Recruiter to introduce our revolutionary Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment and Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification solutions to these organizations and other institutions worldwide.

    4. About Virtual Organization Recruiter Virtual Organization Organization Recruiter specializes in the assessment , training and certification of corporate executives, government officials and military-intelligence-defense personnel, and faculty members who will be working, managing - and LEADING - in a 100% virtual or virtual organization environment. From existing employees to employmentcandidates. Virtual Organization Recruiter offers three (3) core assessments: Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment ....... which consists of a Virtual Organization Aptitude Test and Oral Evaluation Exam. 5-Day Live Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment ...... which consists of participation in a 5-Day Virtual Organization Project. Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment & Certification ..... which consists of attending the 90-Day virtual organization sabbatical program at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.

    5. About VOMI Virtual Organization Academy In a nutshell, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy offers a virtual organization sabbatical program for corporate executives, policymakers, government officials, military-intelligence-defense personnel, researchers, and academics who, for their own individual reasons, want to experience life in a 100% virtual organization environment for a short 90-day period of time. No studying, no courses, no exams, no formal training, no tutorials. Will perform in accordance with a set of rigorous Minimum Performance Standards for virtual organization management executives. At the end of the sabbatical, each successful program participant will receive either a Virtual Organization Executive Diploma or a Virtual Organization Management Teaching Certificate and a token ring from the Academy.

    6. Official VOR Partner Responsibilities Advise and counsel the CEO of VOR as requested. Evangelize on Virtual Organization Recruiter endeavors, solutions and benefits available to your clients and refer all clients to VOR. Provide valuable insight to the CEO of VOR on relevant internal and external virtual and/or virtual organization corporate and organizational trends and issues that are of interest or concern to your clients. Serve as VOR's focal point of contact with your clients.

    7. Official VOR Partner Benefits Direct insider access to the CEO of VOR. Exclusive and very lucrative offering by your organization. Differentiates you and your firm from all other executive recruiters and conventional executive search and recruitment firms. Makes you a very important asset to both current and future clients. Direct insider access to the latest developments at VOR, including private announcements on the rollout of any anticipated or new virtual organization recruitment services and solutions. Enhances the value and reputation of your firm to your current and prospective client companies as well as your candidates. Membership in exclusive Official Virtual Organization Recruiter Partner Community on Google+.

    8. Official VOR Partner Compensation 10% of revenues received from all client referrals submitted by your firm for as long as your organization remains an Official VOR Partner. An additional $100,000 cash bonus to each individual recruiter in your organization who is solely and directly responsible for 12-month revenue referrals of at least (USD) $1 Million to VOR. An annual cash bonus award of $250,000 for the Most Valuable Official VOR Partner per country. Must have referred a minimum of (USD) $5 Million of revenues to VOR and the highest dollar amount of referrals for the calendar year in that country.

    9. Highlights of the Official VOR Partner Opportunity

    10. Official VOR PartnerQualification Requirements Global Executive Search Firms National Executive Search Firms Local Niche Specialty Executive Search Firms Human Capital Management Consultants Human Capital Acquisition Consultants Talent Management Consultants Global , National Staffing Agencies and Recruitment Firms Top 100 Leadership Training Firms Independent Third-Party Recruitment Firms Senior and Executive Level Contract Recruiters (on long-term assignments) with strong references and high ethical standards

    11. Thank You for Sharing Thank you, in advance, for sharing information about the Official VOR Partner opportunity at Virtual Organization Recruiter with any of your colleagues and associates whom you believe could benefit from an association with VOR.

    12. Thank You for Your Time Well, that's about it for now. Thank you for having made it to the end of this presentation. I look forward to hearing from you soon and to having you on board. To your success and have an awesome day!

    13. Become an Official VOR Partner APPLY NOW to Become an Official VOR Partner Virtual Organization Recruiter VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Virtual Organization Management Institute

    14. Contact Information Contact us at Pierre Coupet CEO & Chief Virtual Organization Architect Virtual Organization Recruiter 16161 Ventura Blvd :: Suite C-387 Encino, CA 91436 USA Skype: VORecruiter | Tel: 818-350-2813 LIVE CHAT Registered Federal Contractor: CAGE Code - 5WXU7