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TUBA RAI METIN Financial services to unreached families in Timor-Leste - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TUBA RAI METIN Financial services to unreached families in Timor-Leste. History of TRM.

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Tuba rai metin financial services to unreached families in timor leste


Financial services to unreached families in Timor-Leste

History of trm
History of TRM

  • From Jul-2001 to Jan-2002took part in the micro credit programme of Save The Children US Federation(SCF). SCF closed its Office and Mission in Timor-Leste and requested Catholic Relief Service ‘CRS’ to take over their program, they worked with approximately 450 women clients in february 2002, SCF formally transfered to CRS The Assets, Loan portfolio, Clients information, and staff.

  • In May 2002, CRS decided to create a local NGO which can manage its operations self sustainable way and eventually TRM was legally registered with the NGO Forum on 13 May 2002.

  • CRS decided to close its micro finance operations internationally and after civil conflicts of 2006 and 2007, board decided to quit TRM and left the decision on employees of TRM to take it forward or wind up.

  • TRM team decided to run it irrespective of several crisis. Fortunately and bravely TRM has been managing its growth consistently and profitably even after facing high PAR due to conflicts. In the same crisis, 13 NGO – MFIs have been wiped

  • out from Timor-Leste.

Tuba rai metin
Tuba RaiMetin

Vision :

The prosperity of the New Nation has to be built upon the prosperity of the most important structure of the society, family “House hold”.

Mission :

Tuba Rai Metin as microfinance MFI-NGO is committed to providing high quality microfinance services to poor households, especially Women.

Objective :

To rise household income, empower woman and improve the quality of life of families.

Our supporters
Our Supporters


  • ILO

  • Government of Timor Leste

  • Rotary International

Trm area of operation
TRM Area of Operation :

1. Dili District :

Tuba Rai Metin operated in : Sub District Dom Aleixo, Cristo Rei, Nain Feto, Vera Cruz and Metinaro.

2. Baucau District:

Tuba Rai Metin operated in : sub District Baucau, Laga, Quelicai, Venilale and Vemasse.

3. Viqueque District :

Tuba Rai Metin operated in : Sub District Viqueque, Ossu, Lacluta/Dillor and Uatulari.

4. Manatuto District :

Tuba rai Metin operated in : Sub District Manatuto, Laclo and Laleia.

5. Lospalos District :

Tuba Rai Metin operated in : Sub District Lospalos, Moru and Tutuala.

TRM Branches

On going technical assistance
On going Technical Assistance


It is continuous four year TA with motive to transform the TRM from NGO-MFI to a saving led MFI growing on commercial principals, preferably duly regulated.

TRM will be looking for investors to raise its capital to 2 million USD to obtain ‘C’ category license from central regulator of the country.

Trm existing area and plan expansion for new area
TRMexisting area, and plan Expansion for new area

Existing Area

Create more loan product, more clients, but with good Quality