Frost by brittany becker and danielle keigley
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Frost By: Brittany Becker, and Danielle Keigley . Frost Can Come in Many Varieties. Frost.

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Frost by brittany becker and danielle keigley l.jpg

Frost By: Brittany Becker, and Danielle Keigley

Frost Can Come in Many Varieties.

Frost l.jpg

  • Frost, like snow, is the result of deposition of water in saturated air. If solid surfaces in contact with air that is chilled below deposition point, spicules of ice grow out from the solid surface. This is frost.

  • The size of the frost crystals depends on time, and the amount of water vapor available.

  • Frost is often observed around cracks in wooden sidewalks, due to the moist air escaping from the ground below.

  • Some frost is hard to get rid of. SEE:

    They don’t blow out easily!

Air frost l.jpg
Air Frost

  • When the temperature reaches zero, there is said to be an “air frost.”

  • With an air frost, the ground can stay above freezing.

  • This normally happens in early autumn, when the soil still has its summer heat.

Ground frost l.jpg
Ground Frost

  • When the temperature at night dips to three or four degrees, the forecasters will still be warning you of a “ground frost.”

  • This occurs because the ground can reach freezing while the air temperature remains above freezing.

Hoar frost l.jpg
Hoar Frost

  • White crystals seen on the grass on a cold morning, are not ground, or air frost. This is “Hoar Frost”.

  • Hoar Frost forms when the air cools, and the water condenses onto the grass.

  • Some people think that hoar frost, and frozen dew are the same things. But, they really aren’t!

Hoar frost and frozen dew l.jpg

Hoar Frost

Hoar Frost is not completely frozen.

It looks more bumpy.

Hoar frost is VERY delicate.

Frozen Dew

Completely frozen.

Very smooth.

Not as delicate as hoar frost.

Hoar Frost, and Frozen Dew

Isn’t that confusing?

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