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denotative meaning and translation issues n.
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Denotative Meaning and Translation Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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Denotative Meaning and Translation Issues

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Denotative Meaning and Translation Issues
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Denotative Meaning and Translation Issues

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  1. Denotative Meaning and Translation Issues Amani Ghazi AlKahtani 120068001 ENG 363

  2. Arabic frequently makes use repetition of synonyms or near-synonyms, in way which is not normally found in English. SEMANTIC REPETITION IN ARABIC:

  3. 1. where the 2 words or phrases used have closely-related but distinguishable meaning. • (e.g):الاستقصاء و التحليل = investigation and analysis There are 2 basic kinds of SEMANTIC REPEITION:

  4. 2. Where the 2 words or phrases used are fully synonymous or, at least in the context in which they are being used, there is no clear difference in meaning • مستمرة متواصلة....بصورة مستمرة متواصلة • Literally= in continuing continuous manner.

  5. Nouns • Verbs • Adjectives • Adverbs SEMANTIC REPETITION MAY INVOLVE:

  6. 1. Marge the 2 Arabic words into one English. • 2. The 2 words in the semantic repetition have clearly different meaning. For example: تحليل القيم والأخلاقيات might be translated as ‘ the collapse of all moral values’ . Here the noun-double of the Arabic has been replaced by an adjective-noun phrase in English. TECHNIQUES CAN BE USED TO TRANSLATE SEMANTICS REPITION INTO ENGLISH:

  7. 3. “semantic distancing” this involves relaying both elements of the Arabic double by different words in English, but choosing English words whose meaning are more obviously distinct than those of their Arabic counterparts. • E.g: • وكان منظرها يدهشه و يذهله • The two words يدهشه and يذهله

  8. 4. Combine semantic distancing with grammatical transposition. • E.g: • أنا مستمر ومتمسك أكثر من أي وقت مضى بمشروع التوحيد والتجديد • I remain committed more than ever to the project of unification and reform. • The adjectival مستمر ومتمسك has been grammatically transposed.

  9. 5. Maintain the same form of repetition. • E.g: • السلوك الهمجي والبربري • =this savage and barbaric behavior • The repetition in English carries the same emphatic and more specifically emotive.

  10. Just as Arabic has semantic repetition involving individual words. • Parallelism involving forms which don’t mean the same or nearly the same as one another.

  11. في استطاعة اي حزب أن ينجح إذا دافع عن قضية الحرية و حقوق الإنسان, إذا احتضن كل مظلوم, إذا قاوم الفساد, وإذا ضرب الأمثلة في القدوة الصالحة,واذا حول الكلمات إلى أفعال و الوعود إللا حقائق. كل حزب يقف إلى جانب الشعب يقف الشعب إلى جانبه يحيط به عندما توجه إلى ظهره الخناجر وإلى صدره • المدافع و السيوف. • For any political party to succeed it must be prepared to stand up for freedom of expression and human rights, to protect the weak, to oppose corruption, to set itself the highest standards, and to act according to these standards. Any party which supports and defends the people will find that it is supported and defended by the people.

  12. God whiten your face = بيض الله وجهك • No thanks for homework= لاشكر على واجب • About your ear=عن إذنك • You are empty= انت فاضي • You don’t have story= ماعندك سالفة • Find your quarter=دور ربعك • You have no invitation= مالك داعي • Destroy your house =يخرب بيتك