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9 Jun 10

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9 Jun 10
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  1. Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) BMC Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Sewells Point) PHA/Health Promotions Department 9 Jun 10 1

  2. What is a Periodic Health Assessment? Readiness and Prevention A Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) is a Navywide annual requirement for all active duty servicemembers that satisfies the Navy’s need to report Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) through each command and it is reported to the Department of Defense (DoD). 9 Jun 10 2

  3. What does a PHA do? The PHA:(1) identifies, reviews, and corrects deficiencies in IMR; (2) verifies compliance with various elements of Deployment Health and is used to validate deployable status; (3) assesses current health status, identifies medical and behavioral risk factors, provides individualized counseling based on those identified risks. (4) provides routine referrals to clinical preventive services (colonoscopy, mammography, coronary artery disease, screening…etc.) for screening and prevention of chronic illnesses; (5) serves as a preliminary requirement for clearance to participate in the semi-annual Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) 9 Jun 10 3

  4. Normally done by your Primary Care Manager (PCM) A full physical examination A sickcall visit - A specialty referral service - A PRT waiver instrument (done by PCM with a current PHA) - A Limited Duty Renewal service - BCA waiver service - Re-enlistment/Separation/Retirement Physical - Overseas/Sea-duty Screening What a PHA is not….. 4

  5. SECNAVINST 6120.3 CH-1 BUMED-M3 Dec 1, 2009 A current PHA completed within the preceding 12 months is required to participate in the Navy semiannual Physical Fitness Assessment. Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) 5

  6. (Jan-Feb) Part 1 offered on a walk-in basis/ Part 2 clinic book only (Feb-May) Part 1/Part 2 clinic book only (Jun-Aug) Part 1 offered on a walk-in basis/ Part 2 clinic book only (Sep-Nov) Part 1/Part 2 clinic book only (Dec) Part 1 offered on a walk-in basis/ Part 2 clinic book only PHA’s are offered to all personnel as early as one month prior to their birth month and as late as one month after their birth month. BHC Sewells Point 2010 PHA Clarification 6

  7. * PHA Process* Call the Deployment Health Center(DHC) at 953-9042 or present to the DHC located at the Branch Medical Clinic, Naval Station Norfolk, Sewells Point, Building CD-2, Room 1ZB02 to start the PHA process. Our working hours are 0700 -1530 (Monday-Thursday) and 0700–1100(Friday). Arrive ready for blood work to be drawn. No eating, drinking or chewing tobacco 12- 14 hrs prior to appointment except water and Rx medications. Additionally, no alcohol can be consumed 48 hours prior to your lab work being drawn. You may bring a snack to eat after your labs have been drawn. Labs are valid for 90 days so please remember to complete your PHA ASAP. The DHC staff will use a PHA Pre-Appointment checklist to screen your record for deficiencies, direct you where to go in the clinic to correct the deficiencies and only upon completion of the PHA Pre-Appointment checklist, schedule you for a Part 2 PHA appointment. Part 2 PHA appointments are made by“clinic staff only” and the member must be present with their completed PHA Pre-Appointment checklist. The only personnel that may call in to make an appointment are those who are calling to reschedule. 7

  8. If your Medical Record is not maintained at BMC Naval Station Norfolk Medical Records, please ensure that it is submitted to the Medical records department 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, ID card and in the appropriate uniform of the day (unless on leave status). Prior to your appointment complete the PHA Pre- Appointment Checklist by clicking on: DeploymentHealthCenter.aspx How can you help us help you? 8

  9. Tips for PHA success….… 1. PHA Representative (CFL) 8.Keep appoint. PHA and PCM** 2. PLAN EARLY! 9. All personnel must see HBA*** 3. Know what to expect 10. PHA required once a year typically on birth month. 4. No check-in-box 11. Complete the Pre-Appointment 5. Common Sense Rule checklist. 6. Come prepared 12. The PHA is considered complete 7. Honest medical history **ONLY**when all IMR deficiencies are appropriately **PCM (Primary Care Manager) addressed or completed! ***HBA (Health Benefit Advisor) 9

  10. CFL’s will review…… 100 % of their personnel and SF 600’s for those who require a waivers; Body Composition waivers are performed by the Senior Medical Officer and will require a separate appointment. The point of contact for this is HMC Sommers @ 953-8729. 10

  11. J Body Fat Waivers *****Senior Medical Officer only ***** CAPT Andrew Nelson, SF600/PARFQ ***** NOother provider***** 11

  12. Completion of this annual requirement, will allow you to participate in the semiannual PFA and demonstrates . . . Care for yourself, Love of your family, Responsibility to your shipmates, and a Desire to be healthy now and during retirement years. Completing your PHA results ………. 12

  13. Fall 2010 PHA Challenges 1. Medical Records not onboard. 2. Members not enrolled to the clinic. 3. Members with short fused orders. Failure to keep appointments (No-Shows) Getting commands to buy into the idea of having their Command CFL be the IMR Coordinator as well. 6. Cancelling appointments less than 24 hours prior. 13

  14. Department Head/LCPO HMC(SW/FMF) Hill Deployment Health 757-953-8815 POC Info: 14

  15. SECNAVINST 6120.3 (CH-1, 01 Dec 09) Periodic Health Assessment for Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) BUMEDINST 6110.14 (CH-1, 16 Jun 09) Documenting and reporting IMR Data DoD Instruction 6025.19, Individual Medical Readiness (IMR), January 3, 2006 ASD(HA) Policy Memorandum 06-006, February 16, 2006 NAVMED P-117, Manual of the Medical Department The Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 2009 Recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force BUMEDINST 6230.15A,Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis SECNAVINST 6230.4, DON Anthrax Program References: 15

  16. Health Promotions & Wellness Department 16

  17. Health Promotions (HP) and Wellness Classes: Healthy Heart, Nutrition, Ship Shape, Tobacco Cessation, Prenatal Nutrition (1st Tuesday every month) Calendar: 2010 Calendar JAN - JUL 2010 visit our website: Plan All: Training and Health Fairs assistance schedule are planned around calendar Schedule: Classes by calling 953-8813 or 1-866-645-4584 17

  18. Health Promotions (HP) and Wellness Remember, we are here to help you with all your HP and Wellness needs. ** Not signing up for a class may result in the member not receiving the required class materials, handouts, and or visual aids ** Some classes require medical assets **If you plan to attend call to get a seat. POC: Peg Smith 953-8813 18