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DSA Workshop presented by PSG

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DSA Workshop presented by PSG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DSA Workshop presented by PSG. Saturday 19 th April 2008. AGENDA. What is DSA? Which schools offer DSA? When is the DSA exercise? How & when to apply? Where to go for more information? Question & Answer session with parents of ex-TNS DSA students. DISCLAIMER.

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dsa workshop presented by psg

DSA Workshoppresented by PSG

Saturday 19th April 2008

  • What is DSA?
  • Which schools offer DSA?
  • When is the DSA exercise?
  • How & when to apply?
  • Where to go for more information?
  • Question & Answer session with parents of ex-TNS DSA students
  • This is NOT an official briefingby the School
  • The parents are here simply to share their experiences in past DSA exercises
  • Please check with MOE and/or schools for current DSA policy and practice
  • Neither the School nor the PSG should be held liable in any way
what is dsa
What is DSA?
  • DSA stands for Direct School Admission
  • MOE scheme to give participating schools greater flexibility in their admission of pupils using criteria other than PSLE results
  • Aims to promote holistic education by allowing a more diverse range of pupil achievements and talents to be recognised
  • DSA is optional – students can continue to gain admission via PSLE results
why dsa
Why DSA?
  • If you are outstanding in a particular area (can be academic or non-academic)
  • Once you are offered a place via DSA, your place is guaranteed as long as you qualify for the course
  • Results of DSA application are known by July/August before PSLE
why not dsa
Why not DSA?
  • Process can be more stressful than applying for a job
    • Submission of application & portfolio
    • General Ability Test or equivalent
    • Interviews & more tests
    • Trials (for non-academic criteria)
  • Chances of success are not high and can be discouraging
  • Subject you to emotional upheaval
please note
Please Note
  • If you are successful in DSA and you accept the offer, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise
  • You may seek school transfers on your own depending on availability of PSLE Supplementary Intake Exercise
which schools offer dsa
Which schools offer DSA?
  • In 2007, 56 secondary schools offered DSA for 2008 Sec One
  • Schools with integrated programme (IP) such as ACS (Independent), Dunman High, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High, RGS, RI & River Valley High
  • Independent schools (IS) (but without IP) such as MGS, SCGS & SJI
  • Specialised independent schools (SIS) such as NUS High School of Math & Science, School of the Arts (SOTA), Sports School (not strictly under DSA) & School of Science & Technology (SST) (opens 2010)

6 Year Integrated Programmes

Non-IP Schools: MGS (255/220), SCGS (257/200), SJI (243/235), CG (243), TKGS (234), VS (246)

*Starts 2009

how many places are given out under dsa
How many places aregiven out under DSA?
  • Schools with Integrated Programme (IP) have the discretion to admit up to 100% of their intake through DSA but in 2006/07 reportedly admitted only up to 50%
  • Independent Schools (IS) without IP - 20%
  • Autonomous Schools (AS) without IP – 10%
  • Niche Programme Schools (NS) – 5%
  • NUS High, SOTA and Sports School admit 100% of their intake through DSA or equivalent direct application
what you need to do now
What you need to do now
  • Get a computer and an email account
  • Gather information on schools by calling them, checking their websites, attending their open houses
  • Get ready your portfolio of supporting documents
  • Register and sit for any selection test if required
  • Submit your application
acs independent
ACS (Independent)
  • 23 April – Presentation to P6 GEP students & parents
  • 25 April – Presentation to Non-Feeder Schools P6 students & parents
  • By 12 May & 27 June – Register for High Ability Selection Test on 26/27 May & 8 July
  • By 22 May, 18 June & 3 July – Register for Sports Trials on 24 May, 21 June & 5 July
  • 27 June – Closing Date for Submission of Application & Portfolio
  • Website: www.acs.sch.edu.sg/acs_indep
ri rgs
  • Open House –RI on 17 May, RGS on 24 May
  • Sports Trials/Interviews on 2 or 23 June (07)
  • General Ability Test and more tests
  • Closing Date for applications on 13 July (07)
  • Website: www.raffles.sg
hwa chong nanyang girls
Hwa Chong / Nanyang Girls
  • Open Houses –3 May for Hwa Chong and 17 May for Nanyang Girls
  • 1 June (07) – DSA1 application closes (for Singapore Asia-Pacific Maths Olympiad Platimum, Gold & Silver awardees, GEP students & Sports talents)
  • 13 July (07) – DSA2 application closes (for all other students who have done exceptionally well academically and shown strong leadership qualities in school
  • General Ability Test, more tests, Sports Trials & Interviews

Websites: www.hci.edu.sg/www.nygh.moe.edu.sg

nus high school of mathematics science
NUS High School of Mathematics & Science
  • 15 March to 20 June – Registration for Phase 1 (85% of vacancies)
  • Talks: 30 May (full) 13 June (applicants only)
  • 28 June – Selection Test
  • 19 & 26 July – Non-residential Math & Science Camp for short-listed applicants
  • 19 to 26 November – Registration for Phase 2
  • Short-listing of applicants for Phase 2 based solely on PSLE performance
  • Website: www.highsch.nus.edu.sg
singapore sports school
Singapore Sports School
  • 4 or 5 years leading to GCE ‘O’ levels
  • Open House & Selection Trials usually in July
  • Track & Field, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Netball, Sailing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Golf & other sports on a case-by-case basis
  • Apply directly to Sports School
  • Applicants should also apply to a mainstream secondary school. MOE has given assurance that a place will be available in the school that he is posted to should he decide to opt out of Sports School
  • Website: www.sportsschool.edu.sg
school of the arts sota
School of the Arts (SOTA)
  • Primary criteria for admission is artistic talent in
    • dance (ballet or non-ballet)
    • music (instrumental or voice)
    • theatre; or
    • visual arts
  • Applicants must attend Talent Academy (TA) for live auditions, interviews, portfolio review & creative writing
  • Applications for TA sessions on 18, 19 & 20 June close on 2 June 2008
  • 6 year integrated arts and academic curriculum with International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as graduating qualification
  • Website: www.sota.edu.sg
national junior college
National Junior College
  • Starts 2009
  • 6 year IP leading to GCE ‘A’ levels
  • Applications from 19 April to 9 May
  • Admission Tests on 26 May
  • Interview on 12 July
  • Website: www.njc.edu.sg
school of science technology sst
School of Science & Technology (SST)
  • Opens 2010
  • 4 years leading to GCE ‘O’ levels
  • Special focus on Applied Learning
  • 100% admission via DSA
  • Website: www.sst.edu.sg
for more information
For more information
  • Visit MOE DSA website at http://www.moe.edu.sg/education/admissions/dsa-sec/
  • Call MOE Customer Service Centre at 6872-2220
  • Visit websites of participating schoolsor call them as MOE website may not be current
    • website addresses and telephone numbers available on the MOE DSA website
q a session
Q & A Session
  • K H Ling – RI Parent
  • K S Toh – Hwa Chong Parent
  • Bobby Boon – Sports Sch Parent
  • Linda Lian – RI/NUS High Parent
  • Lee Lian – RGS Parent
  • Claire Cheong – NUS High Student
thank you

Thank You

Please visit our website

at www.psg.tns.sg

or email us at psg@tns.sg

if you have any questions