Four Reasons Live Music Is Better
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Four Reasons Live Music Is Better - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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They say that even savage beasts slow down to hear melodious sounds.

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Four reasons live music is better

They say that even savage beasts slow down to hear

melodious sounds. Listening to tunes can be enjoyable as

well as therapeutic in some cases. While recorded sounds

are plentiful at any time of the day or night, live music has

special advantages and benefits for the people fortunate

enough to be in the audience.

Four reasons live music is better

Use All the Senses

Recorded sounds coming out of speakers can have a

powerful impact on people. Familiar songs have a way of

transporting people to virtual places where pain subsides,

spirits lift, and memories flow. As powerful as these

sounds can be, live music has the potential to do so much

more simply because of the greater involvement of all of

the senses. See the performers with your eyes to

experience their emotions as they sing or play

instruments. Feel the energy released with the sounds.

Performing involves a passion and energy that often

surprises people who aren't involved in the process. Artists

often shed the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears as they

work to perform for others. A live show often helps people

develop a more profound appreciation for this craft.

Four reasons live music is better

Attend with Companions

The experience of attending a show together with others in

the audience is often a unifying one that draws people

together. Attending a live music concert is usually much

more enjoyable if you do it with friends or family. Bond with

loved ones as you share the experience. You will make

special memories that everyone can recall with fondness


Four reasons live music is better

Study the Professionals

If you play an instrument yourself, attending a live music

performance can be an ideal learning opportunity. Study

technique and moves to learn more about the craft. You

might see an innovative approach that you never

considered. Skills and style run rampant at these shows,

so you are bound to come away with something new to try.

Four reasons live music is better

Enjoy the Spontaneity

Recorded music is heavily edited to make it into precisely the

sound desired by the recording artists and companies.

When you sit in the audience to hear live sounds, you are

privileged to witness spontaneity and creativity in action

without any modifications or repairs. Artists are human, so

they won't perform perfectly. Chances are you won't even

realize when mistakes happen, though, because these

errors become a part of the show. Live music carries an

inherent risk of error, but this risk can lead to raw music

that comes from the heart. Artists should feel empowered

to perform heartfelt sounds that represent feelings and

talents, also resonating with the audience in meaningful

ways. Feeling comfortable making music that might

contain mistakes can be the catalyst behind an incredible


Four reasons live music is better

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