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Biometric Face Recognition System PowerPoint Presentation
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Biometric Face Recognition System

Biometric Face Recognition System

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Biometric Face Recognition System

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  1. How Increasing Adaptation Of Biometric Face Recognition System will benefit the Society?

  2. A biometric face recognition system refers to a computer application which is used automatically for identifying a person by means of a digital image. The verification can even be carried out by means of a video frame. These systems are typically used for the purposes of security in various public and private places. They can be installed in different security systems, and thereby compared to different biometrics like the eye ball movement, finger prints and many more. There are many manufacturing companies across the world that makes these systems, and needless to say the security has enhanced in many places over the world. These manufacturers always adhere to the latest updates in technology, and on the basis of that they bring out the best solutions in the market. Let us find out How Increasing Adaptation Of Biometric Face Recognition System will benefit the society.

  3. Continuous Research For Including In Different Fields: With the continuous improvement of the face recognition technology, different areas are attempting to integrate into their sectors to enhance the level of security like never before. Though some of these industries are already using, yet they are looking forward to using the advanced version of the same.

  4. Banking system- The banking sector is continuously trying to enhance its security, and they are trying to depend on the advanced biometric technology for secure authentication. It is also estimated that by 2020, more than one billion of financial customers will be using the mobile biometrics technology, and they can be safe from any forms of hacking or phishing attacks.

  5. The police department- The police departments of different countries will also benefit with the advanced technologies of biometrics. It is said that the advanced system will be enforced by the police to enable a patrolling moving car identify a wanted person across the street. If this is successful, it will certainly ensure more security and end of crime in the course of time.

  6. Used in the smartphones- Some smartphone manufacturers like Samsung are willing to install an advanced logic strip into the devices like wearable. The chip will comprise of a bio-processor, which is already in its designing process, can accelerate the development of wearable products for consumers. Moreover, it is designed in such a way so that it can process five different biometric signals, thereby benefiting the consumers in large numbers of ways.

  7. Retailers- In an effort to identify the shoplifters, retailers are also willing to increase the use of biometric face recognition system. This in turn can also help them in identifying the other potential offenders in the process, and can prevent huge losses.

  8. Government agencies- Different agencies of the government also tap into the advancing biometrics in an effort to increase the overall security. This in turn can pave the way for tackling any kinds of frauds on the public funds. For this, governments across the world are making progress with the use of this technology and reap loads of benefits.

  9. This can give an idea about the immense advancement of biometric face recognition system, and how different companies are proactive in adopting the same.

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