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Biometric Face Recognition System PowerPoint Presentation
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Biometric Face Recognition System

Biometric Face Recognition System

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Biometric Face Recognition System

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  1. Top 5 Technology-driven Benefits of the Biometrics Face Recognition System in 2016

  2. Biometrics Face Recognition Systems have come a long ways since the advent of digital imaging and data mashups. Security agencies are relying heavily on the new-age technology to identify and authorise individuals based on their real-time identity and not on the basis of existing templates. With a flurry of violent incidents where biometrics could not pick a certain criminal, the manufacturers and engineers are offering extensive tech-based biometric face recognition system with advanced features.

  3. We peeked into 5 user-friendly introductions that are making waves in the biometrics industry like never before. 1 Biometrics under the Make-Up Biometrics face recognition systems now come with a specialised technology that allows the screener to identify an individual’s facial contours even if he/she has a 3 mm make up applied on the face. The new technology is built on the basics of thermal imaging and cross modal face contour matching. This progressive thermal-to-face biometrics facial recognition system gives 15% to 20% higher accuracy when the shot is captured in illuminated room with proper pose and expressions.

  4. 2 Credit Card biometrics Who does not love clicking a selfie? Just that simple, online payments using biometrics credit card will make e-shopping all the more easy. Linked to the Biometrics facial recognition system, the credit card will use the technology to identify the authenticity of the person through the smartphone camera. The new-age biometrics face recognition system will have double-decker security cover to block all apps that ask for your identity. All Biometrics Credit card are likely to carry a real-time face template, just like a digital signature with revoke options in case your password or account is compromised in any way.

  5. 3 Biometrics home cinema Privileged movie watching at home will now feature a high-end Biometrics face recognition system to enable users to book, watch and report feedbacks through real-time applications. Biometric authentication will prevent the large-scale movie piracy and other issues related to media sharing. Moreover, the biometrics Home cinema platform will feature extensive e-commerce merchandise to lure youths and home viewers into watching latest blockbusters sitting in their living area.

  6. 4 Blood donations There would be absolutely no further reporting related to mismatched blood transfusions or organ transplants. Biometric face recognition system is already proving to be a boon for medical centres and emergency wards dealing with casualties on a daily basis. The biometric-enable blood bank management system allows the patient to use his own stored blood in case of emergency. It will prevent blood theft, forgery and impersonation in medical centres where there is heavy patient footfall for blood.

  7. 5 Biometric ration cards Food and civil supplies department will now have biometric face recognition software to identify the rightful beneficiaries in rationing system. The ration cards, like debit/credit card will feature a non-hackable embedded biometric chip linking the beneficiaries buying pattern with the availability of food supplies. From giving prompt message on changing food prices to the availability of stocked commodity, the beneficiary can access all notifications through the camera-driven smartphones.

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