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biometric id markers steadily rising the trust corridors n.
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Biometric Face Recognition System PowerPoint Presentation
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Biometric Face Recognition System

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Biometric Face Recognition System
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Biometric Face Recognition System

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  1. Biometric ID markers steadily rising the Trust Corridors

  2. Are you one of those who hate punching passwords and wish there was something better to acknowledge your identity? How often have you lost your password count? As organizations strive to bring more security into their mode of operations, the employees continue to complain of the incessant alerts and warnings on the password changes and the number of characters you can have. Well, wouldn’t it be smart if the management just switched to a biometric face recognition system. No hassles with the password and Pins. Just screen your face and your identity is established in 5 seconds flat!

  3. Why biometrics? Passwords are not a great tool for clumsy and fidgety individuals. Memory challenges often hamper the retention of the passwords especially when used to secure sensitive documents and assets. A combination containing the numbers, alpha-numeric characters, special characters and the length of the passwords are hard to remember and manage. As biometric authentication requires no such ‘intervention’ with the keyboard or number pads, the chances of ID thefts is reduced to zero.

  4. Behavioral and Physical Attributes included in Biometrics Whether you are wearing a make-up or sporting a beard, the biometric face recognition system is smart enough to catch the true identity in the same time as your normal appearance. It also measures the degree of deviation of your captured image with the original stored template. It is capable of comparing the different behavioral traits with the biological traits as well. Common behavioral traits captured in the biometric face recognition system are: o Twitching of facial features o Poking of nose o Rate of blinking of eyes o Rate of flaring of nose

  5. The biological traits detected by the biometrics sensors include: o Distance between the lips o Eyebrow density o Hairline marker o Size of the ears o Unique marks like moles, cuts or scratches on the face o Chin line o Dental structure o Stubble density High-end features included in the biometrics sensors In recent times, popular biometric systems have begun to use sophisticated technologies that can measure tiniest of details or changes made to the face. Some of them are:

  6. - Surgical or cosmetic changed made to the face - Density of sweat pores - Change in eye color or hair color - Detection of face from under the veil using templates - Detection of face covered with cap • Recreating the face even if the image is captured at an angle or from the back using 3-D Imaging techniques Challenges with using Biometrics Like all technologies, the biometrics face recognition system has certain challenges that are being placed under corrective incubators for further assessment. Major limitations are: - All captured images are compared with the available template. If the template is corrupt or is lost due to ID Theft, the biometric face recognition system is rendered useless till new templates are made available. - It requires an elaborate IT management and additional budget for installation, operation and expansion process. - Logistics is limited and can be used at specific locations only.

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