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Biometric Face Recognition System PowerPoint Presentation
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Biometric Face Recognition System

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Biometric Face Recognition System
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Biometric Face Recognition System

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  1. Presentation Title 7 ‘UNIQUE’ Features of Contemporary Biometric Face Recognition Systems My presentation descriptionadd your description here

  2. Be it a school, hospital, auditorium or a workplace, almost every premise will have a face recognition camera zooming into your face to catch a glimpse of standard physical features, unique to the person. Owing to growing cases of theft and terrorism, the management in commercial spaces have begun to install the modern techniques of biometric face recognition systems. We tell you 7 facts that biometric system showcase in their applications, making them a reliable technology to adopt.

  3. Accurate digital identification: • Biometric face recognition systems don’t clash with the existing breed of personal recognition systems. The system consists of cameras that render high definition projection with accurate screening. Based on the facial pointers marked as unique to each person, the identification and approval of his presence is marked automatically. It works just like a physical marker. The only difference is the accuracy it imparts without even touching a single body part.

  4. No touching:- • Many people complain about the personnel marking attendance or checking the eligibility of a person accessing the premises by physical touching. Biometric face recognition systems use zoom cameras to verify if a person has the permission to enter the space. It avoids physical contact and takes less than 5 seconds to approve or reject.

  5. 3. High precision:- Precision is the key to persistent application. In a commercial place, that boasts of numerous footfalls, using of biometric face recognition systems, each face can be scanned to acknowledge who visited the premise at what time. It is important to screen the people accurately so that their attendance is not wrongly marked.

  6. No chance of Proxy attendance:- • Many employers complain that the traditional system of biometrics still have some issues as far as accuracy is concerned. There is often an incident where the attendance is mixed up owing to the faulty system features. Biometric face recognition systems connect the facial features with the desktop applications. Whenever you log into your workplace system, the attendance is cross-verified and approved. This system completely neutralizes the need to rely on the conventional personnel tracker systems and paper-pen documents.

  7. 5. Unique templates:- Biometric face recognition systems work on the principle of the ‘template machining’ programs.This template essentially runs through the standard algorithm. This algorithm is used to classify the facial features based on the two types of screening categories. The two categories of the template algorithms are 1. Geometric classification and algorithm

  8. Compatible with the latest technology:- • The biometric facial recognition system is compatible with the most advanced technologies and gadgets. The use of modern gadgets and technologies has ensured that there is a minimum deviation from the original face template. If you have a beard and suddenly decide to shave it off, the facial recognition system will still be able to detect the deviations and match the face with the saved data. It helps in detecting people who try to sneak into the premises without authorization.

  9. 7. Use most advanced graphical software:- Biometric facial recognition systems use the most sophisticated set of graphical software to detect and save the face templates for matching.

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