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benefits of contemporary student attendance system n.
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Benefits of Student Attendance System PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Student Attendance System

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Benefits of Student Attendance System
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Benefits of Student Attendance System

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  1. Benefits of Contemporary Student Attendance System Biometric Time Attendance Software by Time Labs

  2. The introduction of the biometric face recognition system into the student attendance model has improved the class hours by 20 percent. The student attendance software uses a combination of sensors, algorithms and data templates. The biometric face recognition system is safe for use and can be installed anywhere. We tell you amazing features of the student attendance systemand its incorruptible benefits.

  3. Pacey Operation The biometric face recognition system used with student attendance software cuts down the operation time by 33 percent. The time spent by the management on each student increased by 75 percent with the introduction of a single phase biometric face recognition system.

  4. No Cheating Issues It has remained a hilarious item for most of our growing up days. Proxy calls made up most of our attendance figures. The students would no longer be able to ‘Enjoy’ the proxy calls as the student attendance software make the process absolutely free from manual intrusion or biasing. The cheating issues can be resolved right at the ground level. The attendance software system is a time-saving tool during examinations.

  5. Real-time monitoring Students are the most volatile ‘creatures’ in the campus. In order to track the activities and the movement of the students, the Student Attendance System can be very helpful. The biometric systems installed at stair entries, washrooms, libraries and recreational centers will let the administration to chart out a work study on how each student spends his/her time in the school campus.

  6. Centralised Regulation We all need a bit of uniformity in life, because we missed it in our school days. The concept of Student Attendance System eliminates the unstructured attendance model that has been in place for decades of schooling.

  7. Cloud Attendance Most students have an access to internet and mobile phone. The Student Attendance System can be linked to the respective mobile phones. Instead of installing a biometrics panel, the students can send in their presence or absence report via cloud applications. The best part is that the cloud apps are available only within the campus and not accessible from off-site locations.

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