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Student Attendance

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Student Attendance . Flagler County Schools Director of Student Services Katrina Townsend. General Rules. Only unexcused absences “count” in attendance recording. Students are allowed 10 absences per year with a parent note . (5 per term or ½ year)

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student attendance

Student Attendance

Flagler County Schools

Director of Student Services

Katrina Townsend

general rules
General Rules
  • Only unexcused absences “count” in attendance recording.
  • Students are allowed 10 absences per year with a parent note. (5 per term or ½ year)
  • An administrator can excuse an additional 5 per year by parent request and with review.
  • Beyond 15 absences per year (total), only doctor or court notes are accepted.
  • Religious holidays are excused with proper documentation in advance.
general procedure
General Procedure
  • Student is absent unexcused: automated phone call goes home.
  • Student is absent 5 days unexcused in a calendar month: 5 day letter goes home.
  • Student is absent 10 days unexcused in any 90-day period: 10 day letter goes home. This letter goes out each time this status occurs.

A total of 15 absences (excused and/or unexcused) is reached: Dr. verification letter goes out.

  • A total of 15 unexcused absences in a 90-day window (for kids 14-17): an automated report is sent to DMV to revoke the driving privilege.
  • A student has had TWO 5 day letters, or ONE 10-day letter, or 20 unexcused absences for the YEAR: a Student Study Team Meeting (SST)is scheduled with the counselor .
what happens at an sst
What happens at an SST?
  • Counselor, parent, student meet to discuss why the student is absent and what can be done to improve the situation.
    • Counselor should refer family directly to CINS if parent requests help.
    • Counselor may refer the family for services (ex. Full Service Schools Counseling, Stewart Marchman substance abuse, assistance applications, medicaid, etc.)

After the SST: The entire student attendance file is sent to Student Services.

    • Attendance is monitored every 5 days for improvement or continuing unexcused absences.
    • If attendance improves, nothing happens.
    • If unexcused absences continue…
if unexcused absences continue
If unexcused absences continue…
  • Kids under 10: Parents are referred to state attorney.
    • Parents get a warning letter.
    • If no improvement, case moves into court.
  • Kids 10 and over: Student and family are referred to CINS.
what is cins
What is CINS?
  • CINS = Children in Need of Services
  • Supervisor: Heather
  • Direct Contact: Kathy Shulman


  • CINS is voluntary unless court ordered.
  • CINS offers a variety of interventions for the STUDENT : Beach House, counseling, etc.
what happens at court
What happens at court?
  • School district presents data regarding absences.
  • Parents responds to court.
  • Court decides
    • Give parents more time.
    • Move forward.
      • Parent can plead “guilty” and receive consequences which include probation, court fees, fees to Student Services, other.
      • To be removed from probation, must have Student Services “sign off”.
what happens if child continues to be absent
What Happens if Child Continues to be Absent?
  • Parent is reported “out of compliance” with probation and can be arrested.
  • NOTE: By this time, the student would have amassed MANY absences.
  • Parents and students are given many opportunities to improve attendance.
  • NOTE: If parent has been compliant with CINS, the STUDENT is held accountable, not the parent.