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To give your home a little sophisticated and posh edge, a large wall clock can be certain help. Visit to get the finest large wall clocks.

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Large wall clock

About Timedots

The clocks from Timedots are made in the southern part of

Denmark in Europe. In our workshop all the components are

assembled by hand. The components are made by Danish or

German sub suppliers. The production series are as small as 10

units, and our products are only available in our online shop. For

this reason a Timedots clock is not found in every home or

business. Actually Timedots is unknown for most people, except

the few who want a unique designer product in high quality.

We focus equally on design and function in our effort to give our

customers a range of options to make the design individual.

Large wall clock

The history of Timedots

Timedots was founded in 1999 under the name Birkebaek I/S.

The company was established as a start-up project in the

organization Young Enterprise on The Business School of

Haderslev, Denmark. In 2000 Birkebaek I/S won the Danish

campionship in entreneurship.When the Young Enterprise project

came to its end in the summer of 2000, the company is continued

under the name Birkebaek & Just. The persons behind the

company was Thomas Birkebæk log Jesper Just Nielsen. The

range of products was expanded with more wall clocks, world

clocks and table clocks.

Large wall clock

The history of Timedots

The clocks from B&J was sold by clock makers in Denmark and

exported to Europe and USA. In 2005 Birkebaek Group buys B&J

and changes operations so the range of products as well

as production capacity is limited. The network of dealers is

abandon in favor of selling directly to the customers via the newly

opened web shop. In 2008 the company name is changed

toTimedots and the further development is focused on the wall

clock series Flextime.

Large wall clock


The battery has a key role in

clockwork. Every second it

supplies a small engine with

power. On its way to the engine

the power passes through a

quartz crystal which very precise

gives the engine an impulse.

Through a system of gears, the

engine then moves the central

axes on which the hands are

mounted.The clockwork is made

for indoor use only.

Large wall clock

Time Marks

All time marks are made in 1 mm

think stainless steel equipped

with a 3 mm think black sticky

pad on the backside. The time

marks are cleaned, painted,

assembled and packed by hand in

our workshop in Denmark. They

are all individually quality

checked. The time marks are

available as circles, beams and

rings with surfaces in stainless

steel, black and red.

Large wall clock

Contact Us

Timedots c/o Birkebaek Group

Tingvejen 36C

6500 Vojens



Phone: (+45) 28 74 53 06


Large wall clock

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