managing your life with diabetes management n.
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Managing Your Life With Diabetes Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Your Life With Diabetes Management

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Managing Your Life With Diabetes Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you suffering due to an increase in your blood sugar? nWell, you ought to know that this is one of the epidemics that has influenced the people almost all over the world. However, diabetes would not and should not influence your normal living conditions. n

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Managing Your Life With Diabetes Management

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managing your life with diabetes management

Managing Your Life With Diabetes Management

D o n’t let d i a b e tes r ule y our l i fe

T I MC E L P . C O M


Areyousufferingduetoanincreaseinyourbloodsugar ?

Well,yououghttoknowthatthisisoneoftheepidemics that hasinfluencedthepeoplealmostallover theworld.However,

diabeteswouldnotandshouldnotinfluenceyournormalliving conditions.


T I MC E L P . C O M

types of diabetes
Types OfDiabetes

Youknowwhatdiabetesis.Letusknow about various types of diabetes which peopleencounter:

Type 1Diabetes

Thisisaconditionwhenthehumanbodydoesnot make enough insulin, making it ineffective for the bodytoconvertsugartoenergy.Inthis,peopleneed totakeinsulininjectionstohelptheirbody.

Type 2Diabetes

This is a condition when, though the human body makesinsulin,itisnotcapableofusingtheinsulinto produce the energy. Type 2 diabetes is the most commontypeofdiabeteswhichinfluencespeople.

w h y i s d i a b e t e s a b i g c o n c e r n
Why is Diabetes A Big Concern?

People with diabetes would experience conditions suchas:


Moretirednessandthirst Moreurgetourine

Lesserhealingcapability Morebladderorskin


some other troubles associated with diabetes
Some Other Troubles Associated WithDiabetes

Call it a bad news- diabetes never occursalone.Itbringswithitselfsome serious body troubles suchas:

Strokes and heartattack

Eye-sighttroubleswhichcouldturn peopleblind

Painintheentirebodywithtingling effects



living with diabetes
Living WithDiabetes

If you follow just a few important points, diabetes would never be a hurdleinyourday-to-daylife.These are asfollows:


Getthehelpofadieticianandprepare eatingplans

Consume low-caloriefoods such as saturatedfatandtransfatetc.

Increase the content of fibers in your diet Fruitsandveggiesshouldmakeupmostof yourdiet


o t h e r p l a n s
Other Plans

Spare time for workouts,morning

walks, and other physical activities Avoid stress. Stress could increase the level of bloodsugar

Get the assistance of some counselor or motivator to help you relive yourstress

Take care of your medications and take them according to the schedule Stayactive

most importantly diabetes should not bring

Most importantly, diabetes should not bring a change in your day-to-daylife.

You could get the help of some good healthcare organization such as ‘Texas Integrative Medicine & Cardiology Clinic’ to get help from their diabetes managementprogram.

T I MC E L P . C O M

t h e e n d



A Presentationby- TexasIntegrativeMedicine&CardiologyClinic

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