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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God. Chapter 11 Summary. Chapter 11.

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chapter 11
Chapter 11

Tea Cake doesn’t come back for a week, and Janie, thinking that he is taking advantage of her wealth, decides to be rude to him when he shows up. But when he finally comes by, his joking (he pretends to play an air guitar) immediately makes Janie smile. They flirt and play checkers again, and then Tea Cake walks Janie home.

chapter 111
Chapter 11

They sit on her porchand talk for hours, eating cake and drinking lemonade. As late as it is, Tea Cake asks if she wants to go fishing. They stay out for the rest of the night at the lake, and in the morning, Janie has to sneak Tea Cake out of town to avoid gossip. She loves the adventure of the whole evening.

chapter 112
Chapter 11

The next day, Hezekiah tells Janie that Tea Cake is too low class for a woman like her. Janie doesn’t care. Tea Cake returns that night and they eat a dinner of fresh fish. Afterward, Janie falls asleep in Tea Cake’s lap and wakes up to find him brushing her hair.

chapter 113
Chapter 11

They talk for a while, and Tea Cake says he fears that Janie thinks that he is a scoundrel. Janie tells him that she likes him, but as a good friend. Crushed, Tea Cake says that he feels more strongly about her than she does about him. Janie doesn’t believe him, thinking he can’t possibly be attracted to someone so much older than him. She tells him that he will feel differently in the morning. Tea Cake leaves suddenly.

chapter 114
Chapter 11

The next day, Janie worries about Tea Cake, who doesn’t come back. The day after that, however, he wakes her up by knocking on her door. He says that he has to leave for work but that he wanted to let her know that his feelings for her are real. That night, Janie finds Tea Cake waiting for her in her hammock. They eat dinner and he spends the night.

chapter 115
Chapter 11

The next morning, Tea Cake leaves. Janie is filled with fears that Tea Cake has taken advantage of her. But he returns after three days, driving a beat-up car, and says that he wants to make their relationship public. He bought the car because he wants to take her to the big town picnic.