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  1. Therma-Masta Thermal insulating surface coating for cooling structures

  2. Therma-Masta • Therma-Masta is a liquid paint-like coating, radiation barrier, highly effective as reflector of radiation and a good thermal non-conductor (insulator) due to the advanced plasma enhancement technology employed and confirmed by SABS tests. • Therma-Masta is applied to the roof of the building or structure etc. and also to the walls where necessary for the purpose of cooling the building or structure dramatically. Air temperatures measured inside buildings can drop by up to 15 degrees centigrade and temperatures of roof sheets or walls can drop by up to 30 degrees centigrade. • Therma-Masta will also, in winter months, prevent heat energy from escaping through the roof or walls of the building and so doing, help keep the structure warm. • Therma-Masta is an exciting new development in paint or coating technology. The product is water based and consists of an emulsion containing a mixture of state of the art hi-tech solid particles that don't accept or retain heat, similar to technology employed by NASA on it's Space Shuttle Program

  3. Therma-Masta • Therma-Masta can be applied by brush, roller or spray applicators. It is unaffected by ultra violet light, is acid resistant, waterproof, hard wearing, long lasting, flexible, impact resistant, etc. • Therma-Masta can be applied to ANY surface including galvanized iron without the necessity for an undercoat. • Therma-Masta has a wide variety of applications including factory and house roofs, poultry houses, pig sties, warehouses and shops. • Therma-Masta is a one pack system i.e. pre-mixed emulsion which has a prolonged shelf life. When applied outside in dry weather, the drying time will be no more than 30 minutes to the touch.

  4. Therma-Masta • ADVANTAGES Water Based • Easy to apply Rust Protector/Inhibitor • Inexpensive Non Toxic • Thermal Insulator Decorator • Waterproofer • Prevents thermal shock to roof sheets, thereby ensuring no roof bolts popping or loose roof bolts which means prolonged roof life.

  5. Therma-Masta • Application: Ensure that the surface is free of loose paint, dirt, grease, grime etc. and that it is dry prior to applying Therma-Masta. • When used in conjunctionwith Dead-End Therma-Masta achieves a 100% adhesion as tested by SABS a first in their history. • Coverage : 4 to 6 square metres per litre depending on the substrate and method of application • Colour: Therma-Masta is available in several light colours.

  6. Therma-Masta • Therma-Masta (pronounced - Therma Master) developed by Chemical Research Laboratories and manufactured by Cosmo-Dec Everlasting Coatings. • Tel 27 31 776 3439 Fax 27 31 776 3831 email • Manufacturing franchises available.