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The TTCN-3 Metamodel – A Basis for Tool Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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The TTCN-3 Metamodel – A Basis for Tool Integration

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The TTCN-3 Metamodel – A Basis for Tool Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The TTCN-3 Metamodel – A Basis for Tool Integration
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  1. The TTCN-3 Metamodel – A Basis for Tool Integration Ina Schieferdecker TU Berlin/Fraunhofer Fokus Hajo Eichler, Zhen Ru DaiFraunhofer Fokus Mang Li, Wolfram Kroll Testing Technologies

  2. Contents • Context (MDA, MOF) • Motivation • TTCN-3 Meta-Model • Meta-Model based Tools in Eclipse • Outlook

  3. standardized model exchange becomes critical Context • Model-based development has gained a lot in the context of UML • Model-based development is known in testing since years and used for • Test generation from models • Test validation against models • Test coverage analysis • With the graphical definition of tests with • Graphical format of TTCN-3 (ETSI) • UML 2.0 testing profile (OMG)

  4. The Model Driven Architecture • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is the new OMG architecture (first announced Nov 2000) • MDA extends the OMA (Object Management Architecture) by integrating modelling standards • MDA defines an approach to separate system functionality specification from specification of implementation of that functionality on a specific platform

  5. Model Driven Architectures Meta Object Facility and UML Shared Metadata Environments (.NET, CWM, JMI, MOF) model transformation paradigm CORBA Java RMI EJB distributed objects technology object composition paradigm C++ Java Smalltalk step-wise procedural refinement paradigm C Pascal Modula Evolutions in Software Construction ? C O M P L E X I T Y FLEXIBILITY

  6. The Meta Object Facility (MOF) • OMG standard for defining, representing and managing metadata • Design and implement metamodels and models • Use UML classes for specification • Discover and manipulate metadata • Find and manage metadata repositories • Provides a MOF-to-IDL mapping to automate generation of concrete object interfaces for specific metamodels • Provides a MOF-to-XML mapping to automate generation of XML schema and documents

  7. Model transformers Metamodel based Infrastructure • Test generation • Test compilation • ... • Are „just“ model transformers Platform Independent System Models Platform Specific System Models SystemCode MOF Model Bus Platform Independent Test Models Platform Specific Test Models TestCode

  8. MOF Model UML Meta Model TTCN-3 MetaModel UML Model TTCN-3 Test Suite (Testable) Software System Use of MOF for TTCN-3 Meta-meta-model Meta-model Models Data

  9. Integrate TTCN-3 tools into MDA based processes and infrastructures Motivation • Separation of concerns • TTCN-3 concept space (the TTCN-3 metamodel) separated from TTCN-3 syntax (the core language and the presentation formats) • Definition of the semantics on concept space level • Syntax changes do not affect semantics definition • Ease the exchange of TTCN-3 specifications (not only textual ones) • Mappings of external languages to TTCN-3 can reuse parts of the conceptual mapping from other languages

  10. IDL XML Presentation Format n Changing view from … ASN.1 Types & Values TTCN-3 Core Language Tabular Format Graphical Format Presentation Format n Other Types & Values n

  11. Textual Tabular Graphical Presentation format format format format n ASN.1 Types & Values IDLTypes TTCN-3 XMLTypes Metamodel Other Types & Values n … to … Improvements in tool interoperation, model exchange, Interface to the user remains the same, But better features can be provided

  12. Some insight: Modules

  13. Some insight: Scopes

  14. The Programming Environment: Eclipse • Eclipse is … • an universal tool platform and … • an open extensible IDE • for anything and nothing in particular. • “Eclipse Platform Technical Overview Object Technology International, Inc., February 2003” • Eclipse Modeling Framework • models and meta-models • code generation facility • serialization and loading

  15. Java packages Java interfaces that define the APIs to access instances of the classes in the model Java classes that implement those interfaces A generated adapter factory and a generated switch class (useful when implementing adapters) TTCN-3 Model in Rose EMF Repository import The Resulting Repository

  16. TTStartTC TTStartTC TTStartTC 1 1 1 1 1 1 +theStart +theStart +theStart 1 1 1 1 1 1 startsFunction startsFunction startsFunction startsTC startsTC startsTC +theStart +theStart +theStart 1 1 1 1 1 1 +theTC +theTC +theTC +theFunction +theFunction +theFunction 1 1 1 1 1 1 {Test Specification} TTCN-3 core language TTVariable TTVariable TTVariable TTInvocation TTInvocation TTInvocation {Test Management} TTCN-3 Deployment and Configuration of a function of a function of a function of a component of a component of a component type type type EMF Repository {Test Analysis} TTCN-3 Logging and Tracing {Test Generation} From UML system modelsFrom U2TP specifications Use of the repository {Test Specification} TTCN-3 GFT {Test Execution} TTCN-3 Debugging

  17. 1. Specification 6. ConfigurationManagement 2. Deployment 4. Management 3. Configuration 5. Logging TTCN-3 IDE – an Impression

  18. Outlook • Revise the metamodel for a test suite validation approach within TTmedal • Development of model transformers for • Platform independent system models to platform independent tests (PIM to PIT) • Platform specific system models to platform specific tests (PSM to PST) • ... • See next presentation

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