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Leading provider of speech and solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Leading provider of speech and solutions

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Leading provider of speech and solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading provider of speech and solutions

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  1. Digital Telecommunications Corporation Partner NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Leading provider of speech and solutions

  2. Nuance Corporate Summary Leading provider of speech and solutions for businesses and consumers around the world More than 5,000 employees worldwide Over 2/3rds of the Fortune 100 use Nuance solutions Nuance will ship on 80% of all mobile phones in 2009 $ 216.7 M in Revenues last quarter

  3. Nuance EPS Customers

  4. EPS Product Overview SpeechAttendant bundle NuanceEmployeeProductivitySuite

  5. Provides fast and easy call routing…. Internal and external name dialing Instantly access departments, locations or services Provide information to callers …and delivers significant benefits Decrease operator/agent costs Eliminate the need to maintain/publish directories Eliminate the need for DID lines Eliminate the need to add voice mail ports Eliminate the cost for multiple phone number listing Increase caller satisfaction, consistent caller experience Boost employee productivity How SpeechAttendant can help?

  6. Fast Facts…about EPSInternal dialer, SpeechAttendant (SA) and OpenSpeechAttendant (OSA) Works on all your Avaya gear and more SpeechAttendant works on Avaya Communications Manager / Definity and all other PBX’s OpenSpeechAttendant works on Avaya IR, Avaya Voice Portal and other platforms (Genesys, Aspect , Envox, Intervoice etc) OSA and SA are pre-packaged applications OSA gets AVP in the door quickly! Plants the seed for future speech apps Password Reset and Broadcast Messaging Easy to quote! Speedy delivery! 6-8 week implementation turn-around Best practice – Send OSA on AVP unsolicited bids to your prospects and installed base! EOL Conversant customers – a good target! Include SpeechAttendant bundle quote with all your switch upgrade proposal

  7. SpeechAttendant - How it works…Speech enabled auto Attendant Thank-you for calling Acme. Are you calling for Customer Service or? Thank you – one moment while we transfer you to member services Customer Service. Are you a member or a physician? Phone Call Is Made Customer Service Member SpeechAttendant/OpenSpeechAttendant PBX/IVR • About SpeechAttendant • Deployed in over 2,000 organizations • Packaged application • Easy to deploy • Seamless integration to telephony infrastructure • Bilingual system available SpeechAttendant automatically transfers call without operator intervention No more fumbling with key pad to enter an extension or spell out a name

  8. SpeechAttendant offers… Single number access to reach employees, departments, services and FAQ’s Can handle unlimited number of calls Bridge the Gap in Modular Messaging SA to front end MM (has unlimited menus) One phone number to reach multiple Modular Messaging servers (MM can’t do clustering) Replaces DTMF auto attendant Improve callers experience by flattening current DTMF menu’s with speech Cuts down dramatically the number of “zero-out” to operators (average 50% rate) Audio text capability(directions / FAQ’s) Call redirect Personnel contact can be downloaded in SA (For executives)

  9. SpeechAttendant (SA) Results • Reduced operator staff by 12 FTE • Cost saving since deployment $2,444,400 • SA routes 138,000 calls/ month • Reduced operator staffing by 4 FTE’sand beat target 6 month payback • SA answers 33,000 calls/month • Reduced operator staff by 62% • Beat its targeted 6 month payback • SA routes 30,000 calls per month

  10. Key QualifiersSpeechAttendant prospect Need to cut Telecom cost More than 1 operator Higher numberof operators, better prospects! Over 200 employees Poor completion rates with the DTMF-based AA After hours call handling not up to par or non-existent ? Issues to upgrade to Modular Messaging ? Dial plan change?

  11. Automated Password Reset (APR)Emergency Broadcast Messaging Speech-enabled…

  12. Automated Password Reset (APR)Simple and Secure Password and PIN Resets Increasing costs of handling very repetitive IT tasks such as employee password resets. . Legislation (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA…) is requiring a more accountable IT infrastructure usually means having passwords issued at regular intervals. This leads to more and more password reset requests, overloading the IT team 1 SavesMoney 2 Improve Security • Eliminate the need for IT Help Desk support for password resets • ROI in less than 1 year – often in less than 6 months! • ~30% of all calls to the IT help desk are password related • Increase password security by leveraging powerful voice biometric verification technology to confirm caller identity. • Removing involvement of a live agent eliminates potential security risk. • Enforce legislation compliance while simplifying the process 3 Increase Efficiency • Empower employees to manage passwords without requiring IT support • Liberates IT staff to focus on more demanding service issues

  13. The Value of Automated Password Reset Dramatic Cost Savings in 4 Key Areas Average Cost Per Call Without Automation Average Cost Per Call With Speech Automation • Reduced Agent • Time Spent: • Authenticating callers • Resetting PIN’s • Unlocking accounts • Keep entire call within the automated system Gartner Group: $25 CNET: $35 < $1.00

  14. Key Qualifiers: Automatic Password Resetspeech enabling your password reset process Organizations greater than 1500 employees High call volume to IT Help Desk… password related Highly mobile workforce - No access to a PC

  15. Speech-enabled… Emergency Broadcast Messaging

  16. Internet-based notification procedures not always practical Internet connection not always available or secure, power outages render service useless. DTMF-based procedures force users to remember specific access and PIN codes and/or carry wallet cards with IDs and distribution lists. Emergency / Event Notification Immediate notification of management, response teams, and employees before, during, and after a crisis. 1 Simplify Procedure 2 Improve Security • Simplifies methodology to initiate emergency event notification 3 • Can be front-ended by a host of security applications to ensure only authorized personnel can initiate a broadcast Increase Efficiency • Accurate, on-time delivery of message to ensure complete continuity of communications

  17. Emergency Broadcast MessagingFor mass emergency broadcast and for everyday messaging Simultaneously broadcast messages — either immediately or at ascheduled delivery time — from a single phone call • Broadcast via different modes • office phone • mobile phone • Over head pager • e-mail • text Flexible list capabilities allows system to isolate messages by audience, building, event type etc

  18. Example of Broadcast messaging for HealthCare Organizations Speeds contact and response for; Volunteer call-ins Filling staff openings due to absences All staff notifications for crisis response Facility maintenance issues Facility lock-downs Code blue alerts Reduce telecom costs (better response with fewer calls)

  19. Key Qualifiers: Emergency Event NotificationIs a speech enabled Emergency Notification solution right for your client Organizations looking to implement a Business Continuity Plan Dynamically and quickly contact designated people Contact an unlimited number of individuals and groups Speech eliminates the need to remember pins or carry wallet ID’s