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Club Administrator Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Club Administrator Guide

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Club Administrator Guide
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Club Administrator Guide

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  1. Club Administrator Guide

  2. Overview • The OSA has decided to use Coach Centre from E2E Soccer for all course management • These slides demonstrate how club administrators can use Coach Centre for community courses • Additional slides will be sent to you when the high level courses have been added to Coach Centre • If you need assistance please contact • Kathleen McCarthy • 905-264-9390

  3. Obtaining an administrator account You will need a club administrator password If you don’t have one complete this form by visiting the url listed above Do not use this form if you need a coach account. This form is for club administrators only

  4. Logging in You will need a club administrator password to log in

  5. Your clubs contract details The first person in your club who creates a club administrator account will be asked to complete the contact details page The OSA need this information to manage your club

  6. Adding a course To add a course go into the course management menu and select Add a course. A course can be public or private. Anyone over 16 can request to register on a public course. If you want to restrict access to your course select the private option. You will need to set a code which you will then pass onto those who you want to attend. Only those who know the code can register

  7. Adding a course Complete the details on the course on the next page

  8. Adding a course Click on the location of the course on the Google map

  9. Adding a course Review your entry and then click confirm to submit your course request The OSA staff will now review your request and after you have paid for the course they will approve it Until then the course remains pending. Students can not register for a course when it is pending

  10. Viewing your courses Go to the View course tool to see a list of the status of all your courses Note that the one just added is at the bottom of the list and is set to status pending When the OSA approves the course the red X will turn to a green tick. You will also be sent an email when this has occurred

  11. Accepting students To accept a student on your course go to the Approve students page Click on View to approve or decline them (next slide)

  12. Accepting students Click the submit button to accept the student If you want to decline their application check the decline radio button, then Type on the reason why you declined him and then click the submit button

  13. Contacting a student Use the class list tool to contact a student or a group of students

  14. Contacting a learning facilitator Use the facilitator tool if you need to find out how to contact one of your facilitators

  15. How your coaches create an account Before they can register for a course they will need to create a coach account on Coach Centre To do that ask then to go to and then click the register button

  16. Coach registration The coach will need to complete a registration form

  17. Coach account created Once logged in the coach can perform a search to find the course he wants to do. To register he clicks on the Register link and then follows the instructions