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BP Amoco
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  1. BP Amoco Professor C. Randall Powell Senior Management Recommendations Fall 2000 Tamara L. Roesel Mikko A. H. Komi

  2. What we do

  3. Top Management Team • VP Finance • VP of Operations • VP of Sales and Marketing • VP of Human Resources Management • VP of Information Systems

  4. VP of Finance • Reports directly to the board • Business financial integration • Planning and growth • Responsible for financial accounting, finance, strategic operations, financial reporting, budgeting, & forecasting • Implement strategies to improve profitability • Responsible for legal issues

  5. VP of Finance - Job Specification • Manufacturing Background • Minimum of 8 to 10+ years experience • Strengths in cost accounting, banking, and PR • Budget, auditing, and tax experience • Change management oriented • Familiar with Finnish and Baltic legal financial systems • MBA / MSc in finance required

  6. VP of Operations • Responsible for Finnish / Baltic operations • Achieve short and long-term strategic goals • Support and development of expansion across Finland and the Baltic region • Oversee logistics, production, materials, distribution, price optimization, quality, and efficiency • Responsible for flow of organization • Performance review of senior executives • Works closesly with other BP Amoco units

  7. VP of Ops. - Job Specification • Must have Service Background • Minimum 6 to 8+ years experience • Excellent operational management, leadership, analytical, communication & presentation skills • Experience with Baltic and Russian markets • Assertive, flexible, & hard working • Financial modelling and quantitative analysis • MBA highly desirable

  8. VP of Sales and Marketing • Responsible for BP promotion • Responsible for developing strategies to acquire new business in Baltic region and PR • Define strategic product marketing plan, execute • Responsible for marketing representatives • Develop short and long-term growth strategies • Brand management and imaging • Customer retention and competitive analysis • Provide franchise support when necessary

  9. VP Sales/Mkt. - Job Specification • Service marketing experience • Minimum of 4+ years experience in senior sales management position • Experience with channel marketing and familiar with Finnish and Baltic region markets and demographics • Proficient in both Finnish and English, Russian/Estonian a plus • Must be willing to travel • Strong initiative and analytical skills

  10. VP of Human Resources • Responsible for all Baltic HRM • Ultimate responsibility for employee relations, stock plan, executive compensation, benefits administration, recruitment, training, succession planning and budgeting • Responsibilities include development and execution of strategic HR plan • Implementation and management of HR infrastructure

  11. VP of HR - Job Specification • Must have strong HRM experience • Minimum 5 to 7+ years • Superb business mind with outstanding interpersonal, communication, presentation & leadership skills are essential • Familiar with Baltic labor laws and regulations • MBA in HRM highly desirable

  12. VP of Informations Systems • Responsible for all IT and MIS • Internal data transmission and updates of existing hardware, software, networks, and telecommunications equipment • Corporate web publishing and reporting • Security and control issues, both internal and external

  13. VP of IS - Job Specification • Professional training and experience • Minimun of 6 to 8+ years experience • Understanding of business process reengineering, systems integration and/or enterprise resource planning • Experience with e-business, internet, call centers, customers service, marketing channels, field service & logistics is highly desired • Knowledge of telecomnnunications, HTML, Java, LAN, WAN, ATM, and TCP/IP a must

  14. Responsibilities • Goal setting – values and mission statement • Maintaing high level of growth • Corporate visibility and communication • Respond to the Finnish and Baltic markets • Maintain low-cost opertations • Strategic HR planning and appraisal • Long-term planning and quality branding • Build upon existing core competencies

  15. Geographic Locations • Ultimately, there should be a head corporate office for the Baltic area and Russia, most likely candidate for location being Finland • This office would then be considered the regional office and would oversee operations for the entire region in this office • Below top management, would likely be middle management located across the region in each of the major metropolitan areas, based on need

  16. Summary • Enlargement issues • For the region, would be negotiated by the regional executives and the head office • Job rotation • Could be handled by the regional management office in cooperation with the head office • Development • This is the ultimate responsibility of top management - how can we build the future?