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EPA Web Procedures and Standards

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EPA Web Procedures and Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPA Web Procedures and Standards. October 26, 2010. How to Find Them. EPA’s Web Guide http://www.epa.gov/webguide/. EPA Web Procedures. Ensuring Access to EPA Information on EPA Servers http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/epa-servers

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how to find them
How to Find Them
  • EPA’s Web Guidehttp://www.epa.gov/webguide/
epa web procedures
EPA Web Procedures
  • Ensuring Access to EPA Information on EPA Servers http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/epa-servers
  • Protecting Content during Web Site Development http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/protect-dev-sites
epa web procedures1
EPA Web Procedures
  • External Site Links http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/external-links
  • Complying with epa.gov “Look and Feel”http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/look-feel
external links
External Links
  • Do not add an exit tag to other federal government web sites.
  • Use the common code in the procedure. Do not create your own exit tag or a local copy of the image.
  • Check your links quarterly, per OMB policy, to be sure that:
    • They are still active and not broken.
    • The page being linked to has not been replaced with something inappropriate.
    • Easy fix – check maxamine QA reports monthly for broken links and inappropriate links.
complying with epa gov look and feel
Complying with epa.gov “Look and Feel”
  • http://www.epa.gov/epafiles/
  • Template 4 is for:
    • New sites
    • Sites who have talked with OEA and gotten approval to go through the redesign process. http://www.epa.gov/productreview/guide/pdev.html#web
complying with epa gov look and feel1
Complying with epa.gov “Look and Feel”
  • You can update your site in Template 3.2.1
    • Add new content as needed
    • Treat your ROT
      • Verify and republish existing content
      • Update/rewrite outdated but still useful content
      • Outdated content that still provides useful info gets disclaimer
      • Remove obsolete content
  • Problem:
    • Setting up Search for an area using Template 3.2.1
    • Search fails
  • Resolution:
    • We’ve removed area search from the templates
      • Implement poorly
      • Users didn’t know what an area was and were searching a limited set of content
      • Template team and search team believe that when you search, regardless of page, should get the same results
    • If using an older template, check your search parameters
search cont
Search cont.
  • Problem: Overarching homepage does not include subareas in search
  • Example: Water shouldn’t just search the area for it but also OWOW, OGWDW, OST, OWM
  • Resolution: If you’re responsible for an overarching subject homepage, check that the search is looking across all the websites that are related.
contact us page
Contact Us Page
  • Contact Us Page. Requires a link to a separate page with contact information.
  • The problem:
    • The template just has a # sign in the code. The contact us link isn’t added. The link doesn’t work.
    • People go to a working page and use the wrong contact us link.
    • Questions are not sent to the content managers.
  • Solution:
    • Create a Contact US page.
    • Update the link to the page in the two places in the template.
contact us page1
Contact Us Page
  • Problem: Form requires an e-mail address.There’s a requirement that people can submit information anonymously.
  • Solution: Don’t make the e-mail address field required
  • To avoid spam: Use the type in a word to submit option. http://www.epa.gov/epafiles/s/forms.html
  • People do have to provide an e-mail address if they want to get a response.
pdf linking
PDF Linking
  • The words matter.
  • Helps people know what they’re going to get when they click on link.
  • Helps search engines
    • Link text counts as text in the target document. In fact, "Keyword-focused anchor text from external links" is the single most important factor in relevance calculations. – Peter Buch, EPA searchmaster
  • What NOT to do:
    • Title changed to protect the guilty. Brochure 8 pp, 2.1MB
    • Title changed to protect the guilty. PDF (24pp. 890K)
  • What TO DO:
    • Title of document (PDF) (24pp. 890K)
    • Title of document (PDF) (8pp. 2.1MB)
  • It’s OK to repeat the title twice, if you have two formats.
    • Title of document (Word) (8pp. 200K)
    • Title of document (PDF) (8pp. 2.1MB)
graphic file size
Graphic File Size
  • Problem: posting a large image and controlling size by setting width and height.
    • Customers have to download large images.
    • Images largest source of download burden. Slow to load pages can blame images most of the time.
  • Solution: Resize the graphic file in a graphic program.
    • Compress as much as possible without degrading quality.
new icon
New Icon
  • Functionality is now part of EPA’s mother javascript.
  • Directions to use are part of the new icon standard.http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/newicon
  • Used to enhance
  • Don’t provide content using JavaScripthttp://www.epa.gov/athens/allresearch.html
  • Content or HTML elements that only make sense with JavaScript available must be created by JavaScript
at epa that means
At EPA that means
  • 59,080 requests/day from people with JavaScript turned off
    • September’s average successful requests for pages per day: 2,954,007
    • 2% average US browsers have JavaScript turned off (Estimate from Yahoo!)
    • FYI: the US had the highest rate of users with JS turned off

Judy Dew


Office content/infrastructure coordinatorshttp://www.epa.gov/webgovernance/leadership.html