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EPA Recruitment Web Training. What is EPA RecruitmentWeb?. A web based recruitment and applicant tracking system designed to streamline the recruitment and hiring process for EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty positions. Use EPA RecruitmentWeb to:. Process all recruitment and hiring

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What is epa recruitmentweb
What is EPA RecruitmentWeb?

A web based recruitment and applicant

tracking system designed to streamline

the recruitment and hiring process for

EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty


Use epa recruitmentweb to
Use EPA RecruitmentWeb to:

Process all recruitment and hiring

actions for all EPA Faculty and

Non-Faculty positions.

Project scope epa faculty and non faculty recruitment
Project Scope:EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty Recruitment

  • Recruitment Plan (Requisition)

  • Waiver of Recruitment

  • Automated posting of approved positions.

  • Web-based application process … no paper or e-mailed resumes.

  • Electronic collection of applicant EEO and Veterans Preference data.


Project Start


Project Organization & Consultation

11/2006 to 12/2006

Requirements & Prototype

12/2006 to 05/2007

Develop & Test

05/2007 to 12/2007


1st Qtr, 2008


1st Qtr, 2008



  • Increased efficiency when posting vacant positions.

  • A consistent and streamlined application process for EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty applicants.

  • Immediate electronic access to applicant materials by hiring managers and search committees members.

  • All interim and final EPA EEO documentation provided electronically.

Advantages continued
Advantages (continued)

  • Direct collection of mandatory Applicant EEO and Veterans Preference compliance data at the time of application.

  • Effective EEO monitoring without burdensome paperwork requirements.

  • Ability to quickly respond to Federal OFCCP audit documentation requests.

  • Electronic feed of applicant and hiring data to EEO monitoring software tools.

Paper manual processes eliminated
Paper/Manual Processes Eliminated

  • Recruitment Plan (EOF-1)

  • Interim Equal Opportunity Statement (EOF-2)

  • Applicant Flow Form (EOF-2A)

  • Final Equal Opportunity Statement (EOF-3)

  • Request for Waiver of Recruitment (EOF-5)

Paper manual processes eliminated1
Paper/Manual Processes Eliminated

  • EEO Procedures for Certain Employment Pursuant to Grants (EOF-6)

  • EEO Employment Data Form (Applicant Data)

  • Paper resumes; or printing e-mailed resumes and related applicant materials

  • Generating current department employee counts from Data Warehouse

  • Tallying applicant counts for those interviewed or excluded

Differences from spa recruitmentweb
Differences from SPA RecruitmentWeb

  • No referrals from Human Resources

  • Allows multiple positions on the same requisition

  • Search Committee member changes require a modify action and approval

  • Routing

Eeo policies epa recruitmentweb
EEO Policies – EPA RecruitmentWeb

Use of EPA RecruitmentWeb is required.

Eeo policies requisition period
EEO Policies – Requisition Period

  • Maximum Requisition Period:

    • 1 year from the initial posting date;

    • Expectation that after 1 year departments will close existing requisitions with little to no activity Or;

    • Close existing requisitions and initiate a new requisition to replace the outdated requisition Or;

    • Submit a request to the EEO Office for an extension as a modify requisition in RecruitmentWeb.

Eeo policies advertisements
EEO Policies – Advertisements

  • Minimum Posting Periods remain unchanged:

    • 45 days for Tenured/Tenure Track

    • 30 days for Fixed Term and Non-Faculty

  • EPA Non-Faculty postings to the UNC-CH website will be posted in EPA RecruitmentWeb using position summary, salary and minimum education and experience requirements as reflected in Position Management.

  • Advertisements attached to the requisition will only apply to external publications and websites.

  • Eeo policies interim selection documents
    EEO Policies – Interim Selection Documents

    • Policy remains unchanged for the Interim EEO Statements (now Interim Selection Documents in EPA RecruitmentWeb).

    • The first Interim Selection Document should be submitted after the minimum posting period has ended;

    • Interim Selection Documents must be submitted prior to conducting interviews.

    • As additional applicants apply and are added to the interview pool, Interim Selection Documents should be submitted to reflect the new applicants to be interviewed.

    Roles in the recruitmentweb
    Roles in the RecruitmentWeb

    • Level 1 – Initiators & Approvers

      • Human Resources (HR)

      • Department EEO Officer – Approver Only (New Role)

      • Note: units may request to have additional approvers added to Level 1

    • Level 2 – Approvers

      • Deans or Vice-Chancellors

    • Level 3 – EEO/ADA Approval (Final)

    Training topics
    Training Topics

    • RW home and navigation

    • Create Recruitment Requisition

    • Applying for a position (demo)

    • View Applicants

      • Release Applicant Data

      • Download Applicant Data

    • Interim/Final Selection

    • Create Waiver

    • Other Actions/Functionality

      • Modify Requisition, Cancel/End, Re-activate and Action Search

    Create requisition
    Create Requisition

    • Create New

    • Copy

    • Required Fields

    • Link to Position Management

    • Process for External Committee members

    • Counts Data

    Applicant web demo
    Applicant Web (Demo)

    • Review Search Process

    • Review Applicant Process

    View applicants
    View Applicants

    • Release Applicant Data

      • Displayed fields

      • Attachments

    • Download of applicant data

    Interim final selection
    Interim/Final Selection

    • Update of selection document

    • Submit Interim

      • Required information

      • Possible errors/warnings

    • Submit Final (incl multiple pos)

      • Required information

      • Possible errors/warnings

    Create waiver
    Create Waiver

    • Policy on Waivers

    • Required information

    • Possible errors/warnings

    Other actions functionality
    Other Actions/Functionality

    • Modify Requisition

    • Cancel/End Recruitment

    • Re-activate Requisition

    • Action Search


    Contact Information:

    Equal Opportunity/ADA Office



    February 2008