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How the National Government shapes our State & Local Government

How the National Government shapes our State & Local Government. There are 3 branches of Government.

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How the National Government shapes our State & Local Government

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  1. How the National Government shapes our State & Local Government

  2. There are 3 branches of Government Over 200 years ago, our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution. The Constitution is a basic design for how our government should work. The Constitution divides the government into the following three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

  3. The 3 Branches of the National Government

  4. Does this impact our State Government? • Each state has its own constitution based on its unique history, needs, philosophy, and geography. • Just like that of the national government, each state's constitution separates power between three branches -- legislative, judicial, and executive.

  5. What are the responsibilities of each branch of Government?

  6. National Government:The Legislative Branch • The legislative branch makes laws for the nation. • The main lawmaking body of this branch is known as Congress. • Congress is made up of two parts, the House of Representatives • and the Senate.

  7. Ohio Government:The Legislative Branch • Headed by the General Assembly, which makes state laws. The General Assembly is made up of two parts. • Currently, 33 State Representatives • Currently, 99 State Senators

  8. Our National Government:The Executive Branch • The executive branch makes sure people follow the laws that • the legislative branch makes. • The leaders of this branch are the President and Vice-President. • When making important decisions, the President often asks for • advice from the Cabinet. • The President lives at the White House in Washington, D.C.

  9. National vs. Ohio Government:The Executive Branch • Ohio’s Executive Branch is headed by the Governor, who carries out and enforces laws made by the General Assembly. President George Bush Governor Bob Taft Vice President Dick Cheney Lt. Governor Jennette Bradley

  10. Ohio Government:The Executive Branch Attorney General Jim Petro Auditor Betty Montgomery Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell Treasurer Joseph T. Deters

  11. National Government:The Judicial Branch • When people are unsure about the meaning of a law, the judicial • branch listens to many opinions and makes a decision. • The judicial branch is made up of courts. • The highest of these courts is the U.S. Supreme Court.

  12. Ohio Government:The Judicial Branch • Headed by the Ohio Supreme Court, which interprets and applies the state laws. The Supreme Court is made up of Six Justices and One Chief Justice. Maureen O'Connor, Paul E. Pfeifer, Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Terrence O’Donnell, Alice Robie Resnick, Thomas J. Moyer (Chief Justice), and Francis E. Sweeney

  13. Local Government National government and state government are two types of government, but there is also local governments.

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  15. U.S. citizens can participate in their government. This process insures that power will always remain where it belongs - with the people. The most important right citizens have is the right to vote. By voting, the people have a voice in the government. The people decide who will represent them in the government.

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