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Online Vocational Education Portal

Online Vocational Education Portal. VISION.

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Online Vocational Education Portal

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  1. Online Vocational Education Portal www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  2. VISION To strengthen the economic fibre and social stability of the nation by empowering India’s masses with vocational skills in an efficient, cost-effective, scalable way by creating an online platform which will become a one stop resource for all vocational education and training needs of India and will bring together all the stakeholders of the vocational skills ecosystem to facilitate, streamline and standardize the workforce lifecycle • EDUCATION • CERTIFICATION • EMPLOYMENT • COMMUNITY www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  3. MISSION • Accessible to everyone irrespective of gender, caste, language, economic status or geographic location • Usable on multiple devices – tablets, smart phones, laptops. • Connect user communities – skill workers, educators, employers, private and public sector organizations. • Facilitate Education, Certification, Employment and Community Collaboration. www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  4. FOCAL POINTS www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  5. EDUCATION • An online vocational university hosting high quality standardized digital content on all trades • cVET as a means to enhance soft-skills • (Life Enrichment) • Support for student progress tracking • Support for discussion forums, webinars • Skill upgrade www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  6. CERTIFICATION • Facilitate the standardization of skills across the country by formalizing the certification process. • Those with prior informal training may take the certification and have their skills validated assuring better pay scales. www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  7. EMPLOYMENT • The portal will support a nationwide database of skill workers, together with their certification levels and availability • The portal will support nationwide employment directory by skill and level. www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  8. COMMUNITY • Reintroduce the concept of guilds in a modern setting with a different agenda. • The guilds will nurture knowledge and resource sharing and mentoring. www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  9. ACCESSIBILITY • Make vocational content available in all regional languages, and on all devices; from desktop computers, laptops and tablets, to smart phones • Robust, Scalable • Leverage NKN, NOFN www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  10. COMPONENTS Students/Skill workers Content Providers Employers ONLINE PORTAL Learning Management System Content Management System Job Management System Skills Directory User Management System eGuild Management System Webservice Application Programming Interface External Connectors Add on Module/s Social Media Connectors www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  11. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  12. PRIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Women Empowerment (WE) program Economic empowerment fostered through computerized vocational education and training (CVET) programs and social-democratic empowerment through Life Enrichment Education (LEE) tailored to the needs of the community MoVE (Mobile Vocational Education) Utilizes vehicles powered by solar energy to provide vocational education for sustainable development in diverse areas, including India’s remote tribal communities A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-learning World) Won the Jury Award for Best Innovation in Open and Distance Learning at the World Education Summit in New Delhi SAVE program Educational applications using multimedia, virtual reality and haptic technologies, enriching the individual's learning experience by simulating real-life situations and providing portable, cost effective, scalable, and standardized vocational education and training courses www.amrita.edu/ammachi

  13. THANK YOU www.amrita.edu/ammachi

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