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The Infinitive. Minben High School Pei Anyu. The infinitive. to do. 1. Before Christmas, people usually use Christmas trees ________________________________________ 2. On Christmas Eve, it is a tradition for people _____________________________

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The Infinitive

Minben High School

Pei Anyu


The infinitive

to do

  • 1. Before Christmas, people usually use Christmas trees
  • ________________________________________
  • 2. On Christmas Eve, it is a tradition for people
  • _____________________________
  • 3. At Christmas, children expect Santa Claus
  • ________________________________

to celebrate the festival./ to decorate their houses./

toadd to the festival atmosphere.

to eat a whole turkey./to hold a party./

to havea family reunion.

to bringthem some mysterious gifts./

to drop in at their houses.











1.To lose heart means great failure.

2.The only thing I can do is to study hard.

3. I am looking for a house to live in.

4.He felt it hard to deal with his boss.

5. I’m saving up to buy a computer.

6. It is foolish to believe him.

7. The teacher advised me to have a rest first.

8. She intends to attend the meeting.


The Basic Form: to do

The little boy thinks that the dog wants ___________ and can’t help crying.

to bite him

in the future

The Continuous Form: to be doing

happen; argue

When John passed by,

the old couple happened ____________

to be arguing



Transform the sentences by using the continuous form

1. Situation:Jane fainted and fell to the ground. It happened that I was standing by her at that time.

I happened ________________________when she fainted and fell to the ground.

2.Situation:It seems that the children are getting along with each other quite well.

The children seem ________________________________ quite well.

3.Situation:You are waiting here. I didn’t expect you.

I didn’t expect you ___________________

4.Situation:His son was playing computer games all the time. Mr Smith didn’t like that.

Mr Smith didn’t like his son _______________________ all the time.

to be standing by Jane

to be getting along with each other

to be waiting here.

to be playing computer games

Continue the following sentences by using the continuous form of the infinitive.

1. When the teacher entered the room, _________________________ (这个男孩假装在做作业)

2.I am glad____________________


3.据说他正在给朋友写信。(be said)

the boy pretended to be doing his homework.

to be sharing my happiness with you.

He is said to be writing a letter to his friend.


The Perfect Form: to have done

David _________ today’s plan. (finish)

has finished

to have finished

David seems __________________today’s plan.

in the past


Use the proper form of the infinitive to finish the sentence.

Practice 1:

1. I am sorry ________________you so much trouble

since I moved here. (bring)

2. The president was reported _______________his trip to

Africa. (start)

3. I happened ______________there once. (be)

to have brought

to have started

to have been

  • Practice 2:
  • 我似乎以前某个地方看到过他。
  • 2. 贝克汉姆据说已经习惯了在美国生活。 (be said)

I seem to have seen him somewhere before.

Beckham is said to have been used to living in America.


Further practice: True or False

to have kept

Perfect Form

1. I am sorry to keep you waiting so long.

2. They happened to talk about a secret when I came in.

3. I didn’t expect you to work like that—five hours

without a break.

4. Putin is likely to be the next prime minister of Russia.

5. The beggar is found to be dead.

6. They seemed to have known each other for a long time.

Continuous Form

to be talking about

to be working

Basic Form

to have been dead


appear; ashamed

be said; fail

seem; criticize

1. The little boy appears to be ashamed.

2. He is said to have failed in the exam again.

3.Mom seems to be criticizing her son severely.


The Passive Voice

  • to do  to be done

to improve

It’s necessary for people __________(improve) the city environment.

to be improved

It’s necessary for the city environment ____________

(improve) by people.

2)to have done to have been done

The customer wants ______ another pair of shoes.

to try


He seems _____________all the other pairs of shoes.

to have tried

to have been tried

All the other pairs of shoes seem_____________________ by him.


to ask, to consider,to well receive,

to use,to discuss,

It is an honour for me _________________ to give a lecture here.

The subject _______________ today is something about body language.

If you want your speech________________, you need to deliver it in the right manner.

A speech without gestures is likely ____________dull.

In addition, eye contact is a very important aid __________ in speech.

to be asked

to be discussed

to be well received

to be considered

to be used


Group Work:

Use different forms of the infinitive to describe the picture.

be said,

sorry/ regret,

criticize, ought,

expect, promise



1. Verb-filling.

1) You appeared ______ (read)while you were supposed to make a speech.

2) A burning cigarette is said ___________________(cause) the forest fire.

3) Dick feels it an honor ________(invite) the research.

4) The project of planting trees is believed ________________(carry out) already.

5) The visitors are not allowed __________in the museum. (photograph)

2. Translate the sentences by using the infinitive.


2. 这个教授据说已经读过所有Dickens的著作。

3. 我很抱歉把钥匙忘在家里了。

4. 我不希望被打扰当我沉浸在工作中的时候。

5. 当妈妈走进房间的时候,他假装在睡觉。