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  1. By Hanna Ettles ***

  2. We need a slave! There once lived a very ugly, disgusting and stupid couple. The thing was they had very happy names and they were Hailey and Benjamin but to most people they were known as “The Ugly People”. One day “The Ugly People” were talking in there house which people also thought was haunted. “We need a slave” said Hailey. “I agree” said Benjamin. They talked it over and decided to steal the…

  3. “Princess” said the King. You have some visitors. Princess Melody walked downstairs and found two very Ugly people at the door. “Excuse me, what do you want?” she said. Benjamin replied “We want you as a sla” but just then Hailey interrupted “We want you to come to our house for dinner tonight to talk about something very special but I can’t tell you just yet. Do you have anything planned?”. “No I don’t think so” Melody said. “See you tonight then” said Benjamin and they walked off.

  4. “Hi Princess” said Hailey. “Is this really the place?” she asked. “Well yes, silly” said Benjamin. “Follow me. We are going to start dinner.” *** “So this is dinner” said the princess. “Hello. Your serving the princess here!”

  5. “You can’t put me in here” Princess Melody said. “We were actually going to have you as a slave but you are a very disobedient little girl. You get everything you want but not this time.” Smiled Benjamin. “Well you two are an UGLY, DISGUSTING and STUPID Couple!” said Melody. “But you are no longer Princess Melody. You are Millie the.. the… no more princess. Yes that’s your name now. Mille the no more princess.” Said Hailey. “Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Don’t try to escape. The dragon is guarding you… and he breathes fire!” she added. “Goodnight”.

  6. “I’m going to be miserable here” said the princes.. Or in this case Millie. “Oh well at least I’ve got a dragon. A DRAGON!!! I’ll never get out of here now. Unless I get a rescue party! I wonder how I’m going to do that. I know! I’ll get my friends The giraffe and the Pelly and that other guy I think is a monkey! Great idea brain! But how am I going to get them here? I’ll call the Pelly and then they will come over. Horary! And The dragon is sleeping. Betta not wake him up!”

  7. “Hey Giraffe, I think I hear something.” said the Pelly. “Well Pelly you always think you hear something” replied the Giraffe. “No honestly, it sounds like the princess” the Pelly said. “Well then lets go” said the monkey. And off the went.

  8. “I can’t believe you came! I just can’t believe it. Thank you! It’s a good thing that the dragon was sleeping. Now let’s go!” Millie said over excited. “Shuu” said the monkey. “We’ll wake up the dragon.” “Have you got the keys?” said Millie. “Yes we do” said the giraffe. “Now of we go!”

  9. “And the Giraffe and the Pelly and the monkey came and saved me and that’s the end” said Princess Melody. “Well, you have certainly had some adventure. No with those to ugly people. Ummm. I know. I’ll have them prosecuted and abandoned from my kingdom. Meanwhile The Giraffe and the Pelly and the Monkey will be promoted. There that settles things.” said the king.