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Theatre Terminology

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Theatre Terminology. Fourth Wall : Fourth Wall - The invisible wall that separates the actors and the audience Illusion of the First Time - An actor’s tool to make everything new and fresh

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fourth wall http www youtube com watch v bmhcgzpbgro
Fourth Wall:
  • Fourth Wall - The invisible wall that separates the actors and the audience
  • Illusion of the First Time - An actor’s tool to make everything new and fresh
  • Script - The text the playwright gives the actor to work from
  • Side - A portion of the script – usually used for auditions or when the script is large and the actor only has a bit part.
approach the studying of acting http www youtube com watch v olw1h2grrrg
Approach the studying of acting:
  • 16 Bars - In music, this is the usual amount that an actor will sing at the audition
  • Counter - A type of blocking move where an actor moves to open a window for other actors
  • Open Up - Physically turn your body so the audience can see you
  • Cross - A blocking move across the stage to another position
  • Windows - Creating pockets on actors onstage so that every actor can be seen
staging techniques http www youtube com watch v i9n2xc3n6sc
Staging Techniques:
  • Proscenium - Type of stage that is shaped like a picture frame
  • Thrust - Type of stage that juts out from the proscenium arch
  • Black Box - Type of theatre (usually used for experimental theatre) where the stage and audience positions can be changed
  • In the Round - Type of stage where the audience surrounds the actors and the action taking place onstage
http www youtube com watch v lbkepkl4dee prop and set design and Set design)
  • Prop - Anything the actor picks up with his hands and moves around the stage
  • Set - The scenery, furniture, etc. that make up what the audience sees onstage; doesn’t move
  • Theatre - The art form that we study
  • Theater - The place where we perform theatre
terminology continued
Terminology continued…
  • Improvisation - No set script; make it up as you go along

  • Subtext - The “writing between the lines” what the characters are really saying without saying it

  • Motivation - Why your character does what they do
  • Exposition - What we know about each character at the beginning of the action
  • Pantomime - Using the body to tell a story without words HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS PERFORM A FIRST DATE

history of theatre from ritual to theatre http www youtube com watch v lqopfxuiawq 10 minutes
History of Theatre: From Ritual to Theatre minutes)
  • Protagonist - The hero of the show
  • Antagonist - Whoever is against the hero


  • Chorus - (Usually in Greek theatre) the characters without names that move and speak together Example:
  • Ensemble - All the actors that are not principal players
  • Climax - The highest point of the action – the turning point
  • Reacting- What the actor who is not speaking does while other actors are speaking