The American Civil War
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The American Civil War 1861-1865. Who : American citizens. What : A war between members of the same group or country. When : 1861-1865. Where : The United States of America.

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Who american citizens

The American Civil War1861-1865

Who: American citizens

What: A war between members of the same group or country

When: 1861-1865

Where: The United States of America

Why: Some states disagreed with the American government about the issue of slavery, and they wanted to be their own country.

Who american citizens

The Union States

Also called:

*The North

*The Yankees

Army led by:

Ulysses S. Grant

Political views:

Did not agree with slavery

Soldiers’ Uniform:


Who american citizens

Confederate States

Also called:

*The South

*The Rebels

Army led by:

Robert E. Lee

Political views:

Wanted to continue slavery

Soldiers’ Uniform:


Who american citizens

Important People

Abraham Lincoln:The President of the United States during the time of the Civil War. He wanted to abolish, or end, slavery.

Harriet Tubman:Created the “Underground Railroad” for the slaves to use to escape to the north.

Who american citizens

Throughout this unit you will read a variety of selections that relate to the Civil War.

Here is a preview of the unit selections…

Who american citizens

“Half Slave and Half Free” that relate to the Civil War.

In this photobiography, Abraham Lincoln struggles with the question of personal rights versus states’ rights in his fight to end slavery.

Who american citizens

“Carrying the Running Aways” that relate to the Civil War.

In this folktale, a courageous slave rows numerous others across the Ohio River to freedom.

Who american citizens

“So I Became a Soldier” that relate to the Civil War.

This nonfiction selection illustrates how many boys from the North and South enthusiastically enlist as soldiers after the battle at Fort Sumter.

Who american citizens

“Charley Skedaddle” that relate to the Civil War.

In this historical fiction selection, a twelve-year-old boy gets swept up in the frenzy of war, then must deal with the consequences of his actions.

Who american citizens

“The Siege of Vicksburg” that relate to the Civil War.

In this historical fiction selection, a young woman and her friends are trapped in a basement tunnel as the Siege of Vicksburg rages around them.

Who american citizens

“Under Siege” that relate to the Civil War.

These excerpts from the diary of a Union woman detail the terror of the besieged residents of Vicksburg.

Who american citizens

“Emancipation” that relate to the Civil War.

In this nonfiction selection, the reactions of the freed slaves emphasize the invaluable importance of freedom.

Who american citizens

“The Gettysburg Address” that relate to the Civil War.

In this immortal speech, Abraham Lincoln pays tribute to the soldiers at Gettysburg and the noble cause for which they gave their lives.

Who american citizens

Partner Activity that relate to the Civil War.

*Think about what you know about war.

*With your partner, create a circle map that contains everything that you know about war.


*Be sure to Include a frame of reference.