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I am Monarcha Scholarum , I am Paracelsus; One whisker on my cheek owns more intelligence than all of you! Come, let me fill you with stories of men- Not just of men - but of scientists! - Paracelsus History of Geology and the interpretation of strata . Lecture 21.

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Lecture 21

I am MonarchaScholarum, I am Paracelsus;One whisker on my cheek owns more intelligence than all of you!Come, let me fill you with stories of men-Not just of men - but of scientists! - ParacelsusHistory of Geology and the interpretation of strata

Lecture 21

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Webpage for course (nighttime)

Lecture 21

Changes to schedule:

Lab final moved back 1 week

from 12/1 to 12/8

Lecture Test III moved from 12/7 to 12/2

(12/6 to 12/1 nighttime class)

For revised syllabus, see


The greeks

Determined the Earth was round

Estimated its approximate size

Some advanced idea that Earth @ Sun

Built steam engines, accurate clocks

One (Archimedes) believed fossils to be remains of ancient animals

The Greeks

The greeks1

The Greeks

Aristotle (circa 350 BCE)



Four properties

Four elements

Transmutation of elements

History continues

Romans (circa 100 BCE to 400 CE)

Dark Ages (circa up to 1000 CE)

Middle Ages (1200, 1300…)


History continues…

To 1500s

Double, double, toil and trouble

Fire, burn and cauldron bubble

Filet of a fenny snake

In a caudron boil and bake

Eye of newt, toe of frog

Wool of bat and tounge of dog…

For a charm of powerful trouble

Like a hellbroth boil and bubble

to 1500s

Geology the great deluge



How olde was the earth

Bishop Ussher

October 26, 4004 BC, 9:00 am

How olde was the Earth?

Interpretations of geologic history




Abraham Werner

Interpretations of Geologic History

Interpretations of geologic history1




Interpretations of Geologic History

  • Plutonism

  • James Hutton

Hutton and nicholas steno


  • Principle of Original Horizontality

  • Principle of Superposition

  • Principle of Cross-cutting relationships

Hutton (and Nicholas Steno)

Principle of superposition
Principle of Superposition

Fig. 18-3, pg. 420

Wm strata smith
Wm. “Strata” Smith


Principle of Faunal Succession

Wm strata smith1
Wm. “Strata” Smith

Geologic map of England

Charles lyell
Charles Lyell

“Principles of Geology”

Major discoveries since lyell
Major discoveries since Lyell

Importance of glaciers (1840s)

Plate Tectonics (presented, 1915, accepted, 1960s)