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Doing Business with the State University Construction Fund PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Business with the State University Construction Fund

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Doing Business with the State University Construction Fund - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doing Business with the State University Construction Fund. December 9, 2009. Chris Marcella Director of Design (518) 320-1701 Arthur R. Foo Director of Capital Procurement (518) 320-1637 State University Construction Fund.

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Presentation Transcript

Doing Business

with the

State University Construction Fund

December 9, 2009

Chris Marcella

Director of Design

(518) 320-1701

Arthur R. Foo

Director of Capital Procurement

(518) 320-1637

table of contents

State University

Construction Fund

Table of Contents

State University Construction Fund………………….2

SUNY Capital Plan………………………………………….5

Construction Contract Opportunities………………..6

Overview of Construction Contract Process….…..8

MWBE Requirements.…………………………………...11

Upcoming Projects………………………………………..12

Vendor Responsibility Requirements………………14

SUCF Contact Information……………………………..16

state university construction fund
State University Construction Fund
  • Public Benefit Corporation established under Article 8-A of NYS Education Law
  • Provides funding, planning, design and construction management for SUNY
  • Exempt from Wicks Law

“…To provide academic buildings, dormitories and other facilities for the State-operated institutions and contract and statutory colleges under jurisdiction of the State University, to reduce the time lagbetween determination of need for such facilities and actual occupancy thereof, to expedite the construction, acquisition, reconstruction and rehabilitation or improvement of such facilities and to assure that the same are ready for the purposes intended when needed and when scheduled under the approved master plan of State University.”

Mission Statement


SUNY Capital Program Summary

Notes:(1) Square footage and funding expressed in millions.

(2) Average age (expressed in years) represents a straight average with no consideration given to the size of buildings or subsequent renovations.

(3) Includes $1.650B in future appropriations for critical maintenance projects.

contract opportunities available from
Contract Opportunities Available from:
  • NYS Contract Reporter
  • Albany Times Union
  • Local Newspapers
  • Minority Commerce Weekly
  • SUCF Website

Plans Available Through

  • Local Plan Rooms
  • Campus

State University

Construction Fund

SUCF Website

overview of construction contract process
Overview of Construction Contract Process
  • Sealed Bids – Publicly Opened
  • Plans and Specifications
    • May be examined free of charge at:
      • Architect/Engineer’s Office
      • Campus Facilities Offices
    • Complete set of documents can be obtained from Architect/Engineer upon payment of a deposit
  • Requirements for Bidding
    • Bid Deposit – 5% of Total Bid
      • Bank draft, certified check, bid bond
    • Size of Projects previously completed
      • Successful completion of similar work not less than 50% of Total Bid
    • Ample Financial Resources – Working Capital Test
overview of construction contract process continued
Overview of Construction Contract Process (continued)
  • Bonding (within 24 hours of Notice of Award)
    • Performance Bond – 100% of Total Contract
    • Labor and Material Bond – 100% of Total Contract
  • Insurance
    • Workers Compensation
    • General Liability and Property Damage
    • Builders Risk
    • Owners Protective Liability
  • Prevailing Wage Rates
  • Post-Bid Submissions
    • 3 Lowest Bidders
overview of construction contract process continued11
Overview of Construction Contract Process (continued)
  • Within 48 Hours of Bid Opening
    • Uniform Contractor Questionnaire (UCQ)
      • Affidavit of No Change (if UCQ submitted within past year)
    • Proposed Major Subcontractors
      • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Asbestos Abatement
    • Bid Breakdown by Trade or Section (Appendix A)
  • Within 7 Calendar Days of Bid Opening
    • UCQ’s for all proposed major subs (or Affidavit of No Change)
    • MWBE Utilization Plan
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
  • All Contracts Require Approval by:
      • NY State Attorney General (AG)
      • NY State Office of the State Comptroller (OSC)
mwbe requirements
MWBE Requirements
  • Article 15-A of Executive Law
  • Good Faith Effort
  • Fund Goals
  • Utilization Plan
    • Submitted 7 days after bid opening
    • Reviewed for goals and good faith effort
    • Identify issues; work with contractor on resolution
  • MWBE firms
    • Must be New York State Certified
    • ESDC Directory website –
    • Lois McLaughlin, MWBE Coordinator


  • No Contract awarded without an approved MWBE Utilization Plan
vendor responsibility filing requirements
Vendor Responsibility Filing Requirements
  • Elements
    • Authorization to do Business in NYS
    • Financial
    • Integrity
    • Past Performance
  • Uniform Contracting Questionnaire (UCQ) – Construction
  • Original Signature
  • Procurement Lobbying Act (SFL 139j)
    • Offerer Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations
  • OSC Review
integrity hotline
Integrity Hotline
  • (866) 543-8107 or (518) 320-1290
  • Anonymous or confidential
sucf contact information
SUCF Contact Information
  • General Manager’s Office - (518) 320-1502
  • Design and Construction Management – (518) 320-3200
  • Procurement Office - (518) 320-1639
  • MWBE Opportunities - (518) 320-1673
  • Corporate Integrity - (518) 320-1525