doing business with the business office n.
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Doing Business with the Business Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Business with the Business Office

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Doing Business with the Business Office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doing Business with the Business Office

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  1. Doing Business with the Business Office Financial Management – Purchasing and Travel

  2. Request for Funds • Request for expenditure of funds, either institutional or from a restricted source (ex. Grants) must be submitted to the Business Office through the Electronic Requisition process. • Electronic requisitions are automatically assigned a tracking number and routed to appropriate budget managers, Unit Vice Presidents and President for approval. • All request for funds are assigned a Purchase Order. A Purchase Order number will be e-mailed to the requestor once all approvals are obtained and Accounts Payable has completed creating the Purchase Order. • Budget availability does not automatically indicate a purchase will be approved. Unit Vice Presidents and the President may deny a requisition if there are other factors that preclude purchase at that time.

  3. Request for Funds • All requisitions over $3,500 requires three (3) quotes. Breaking up a large purchase into smaller purchases to circumvent established limits is prohibited. Transactions are monitored to identify this type of non-compliance. • Once goods ordered on a Purchase Order have been received and the invoice has been received from the vendor, payment will be made. If the invoice amount is greater than the Purchase Order amount by more than 5%, the Department Head must approve the increased amount.

  4. Travel Training Request Procedures • A Travel Training Request form (paper form) must be prepared by the requestor with the total cost of the trip with all supporting documents (quotes for airfare, hotel, registration fees, per diem, mileage, etc.) • The Travel Training request form must be signed by the requestor and his/her immediate supervisor and where applicable by the Director of Sponsored Programs. • These signatures do not represent a final approval of your travel. • Once these signatures are affixed, travel training request is given to the Department’s Administrative Assistant for electronic upload

  5. Travel Training Request Procedures • Student Travel Waivers must accompany a copy of the travel training request form if students will be travelling. These waivers are located in the Student Affairs Office. • Travel is not authorized until the President’s Office provides electronic approval, which is the final step in the process. • The Department’s Administrative Assistant should notify the requestor once the request for travel has been approved or denied. • Requestors should contact Accounts Payable to complete final arrangement for travel

  6. Electronic Requisition Approval Process FlowYES Dept. Admin Submits Requisition Budget Analyst Office of Sponsored Programs Budget Mangers Unit VP’s President

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