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Target Audience 18-25. Interests. Urban /Ethnicity .

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Urban ethnicity
Urban /Ethnicity

The ethnic groups that will be coming to watch our film would be a mixture of different races.Our film targets to a wide range of races. Mainly troubled teens who live on rural council estates. This particular film is aiming for a mass audience, both sexes because it involves street culture which appeals to urban young people because they are around it everyday. Its known as a norm to them. I would compare my film to the film titled My Murder. In a lot of ways it very similar because of the narrative of both main characters getting involved in the wrong crowd and end up being set up. Also they have the same audiences that they appeal too because of the genre of film which is gang/urban culture, which would relate to them in every way because of their surroundings and where they have grown up. The certificate rating for my film would be rated 15 simply because of the violent gang culture that is portrayed in The set up. Films such as Kidulthood and Adulthood two very well known British films that also expose the rawness of street cultures, have helped me decide what to rate my film as they whole concepts of their films are sending out the same messages as mine.