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BreezeMAX® PRO 6000

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BreezeMAX® PRO 6000. July 2012. Agenda. CPE Portfolio Strategy. Background. BreezeMAX PRO 6000. Deployment Scenarios. Competitive Positioning. Summary. Market Needs. Now that many networks are deployed, operators are focusing on adding subscribers to their network

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CPE Portfolio Strategy


BreezeMAX PRO 6000

Deployment Scenarios

Competitive Positioning


market needs
Market Needs
  • Now that many networks are deployed, operators are focusing on adding subscribers to their network
  • Operators are looking to expand their networks in the most cost effective way
  • Installation time, cost and simplicity are a major concern to operators trying to increase subscribers
  • CPEs required to add subscribers need to be relevant to residential and business customers in order to reduce costs to operators
breezemax pro 6000 value proposition
BreezeMAX PRO 6000: Value Proposition

Connectivity, Coverage, Capacity

  • BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is a one-box, one-cable WiMAX outdoor CPE unit that delivers voice and data to end users
  • BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is designed with extended coverage and high data throughput
  • BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is an ideal CPE for delivering voice and data to rural environments, SMBs, prominent residential areas and soon mobile public safety units
  • BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is available in 3.3 GHZ - 3.7* GHz frequency bands
  • BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is designed to withstand extreme whether and turbulent conditions

* Freq will be extended up to 3.8 GHz

introducing breezemax pro 6000
Introducing: BreezeMAX PRO 6000


Advanced outdoor CPE with a wide frequency range and innovative installation breakthroughs

The BreezeMAX PRO 6000Uses one cable for both voice and data delivery and LED signal strength indicators for optimal installations

breezemax pro evolution
BreezeMAX PRO Evolution


** will be extended to 3.8 GHz

breezemax pro 6000 benefits
BreezeMAX PRO 6000 Benefits
  • One box for voice and data
  • Single cable solution
  • Visual and audio indicators for connectivity
  • High antenna gain that can reduce base station density (15 dBi)
  • High data throughput to achieve maximum network performance
technical highlights
Technical Highlights
  • BST Compatibility
    • 4M (Compact , Macro, Micro), Extreme*
  • Networking
    • DSCP Transparency / Classification
    • VLAN and DSCP Marking
    • PPPoE Transparency
  • Device Management - TR69, Web, OMA-DM ready
  • Improved ND&S - Best AU out of scanning list,last AU, Full scan , Preferred Base Station*
  • Voice - G711, G729, T38
  • Radio
    • Frequency bands – 3.3-3.7**GHz,
    • Channel Bandwidth – 5,7,10 MHz
    • Modulation – QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
    • Phy – FFR, MIMO A/B, Beamforming,
    • Tx Power, 27BDM
    • Antenna type 2X imbedded directional antenna of 15dBI each
  • Security
    • EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS (optional)
  • Certification
    • FCC, IC, ETSI, UL


* Future

* *Freq is going to be extended up to 3.8 GHz

@ home with the outdoor breezemax pro 6000 cpe
@ Home with the Outdoor BreezeMAX PRO 6000 CPE

(when rural or higher throughput is required)

Outdoor CPE




Wi-Fi Phone

@ work with the outdoor breezemax pro 6000 cpe
@ Work with the Outdoor BreezeMAX PRO 6000 CPE

Security Cam

Desktop PC

IP Phone


Outdoor CPE


breezemax pro 6000 is simple to install
BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is Simple to Install

Quick installation time

Single cable for voice and data

Easy, simple and flexible mounting capabilities

management options
Management Options


Management System

upgraded to include management

and configurations of

BreezeMAX PRO 6000 CPEs

over TR69

breezemax pro 6000 cpe interfaces
BreezeMAX PRO 6000 CPE Interfaces

Mounting Kit


*I/O interface

Option to buy tilt kit

LED for RSSI indications

WAN cable (IDU-ODU)

quick setup 1 2 3 link
Quick Setup – 1.. 2.. 3.. LINK!
  • Arrive to location with portable power source
  • Connect a grounding cable and an ETH (CAT5) cable to the outdoor unit
  • Mount the CPE on the pole
  • Place the CPE facing the general direction of the Base Station and look for the best alignment based on LEDs and Tone indications
  • Route the cable to the indoor unit location
  • Connect the cables to the indoor unit
  • Configure the unit with the operator parameters
positioning messaging summary
Positioning Messaging Summary
  • The BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is designed with extended coverage and high data throughput. Operators can benefit from a high performance solution, that is simple to install, maintain and operate, helping to reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • This advanced outdoor CPE offers a wide frequency range from 3.3 GHz up to 3.7* GHz

*will be extended to 3.8 GHz

positioning messaging summary1
Positioning Messaging Summary
  • The BreezeMAX PRO 6000 saves time and money with innovative installation breakthroughs, such as LED and Tone connectivity indicators, outdoor voice and data in one unit, and a single cable for both voice and data
  • By incorporating customer feedback and years of hands-on field experience, the BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is released with a full software feature set (IPCS-NAT, IPCS-BM, ETH-CS, improved ND&S, class 5 voice services) minimizing compatibility issues and allowing customers to quickly connect more subscribers by just adding the CPE to the existing network
positioning messaging summary2
Positioning Messaging Summary
  • The BreezeMAX PRO 6000 is interoperable with the newly introduced BreezeCOMPACT base station, delivering a simple to operate, cost-effective, high capacity network solution
  • This solution utilizes the high antenna gain and transmit power of the BreezeMAX PRO 6000, together with the small footprint and high capacity of the BreezeCOMPACT to reduce the density of base stations required in a network layout
  • The result is a feasible deployment in rural areas that previously required a large Macro installation
alvarion 4motion solution
Alvarion 4Motion Solution

Complete WiMAX end-to-end solution

  • Fully compliant with Mobile WiMAX™ (IEEE 802.16e-2005)
  • Employs open, standard all-IP architectureenabling a best-of-breed multi-vendor solution
  • Delivery of mobile and fixed video, voice, and data services
  • Supports full range of business, residential, and personal broadband services
competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis


  • Performance
  • Enhanced, rich software feature set


  • Huge investments in product testing
  • System specs and test plans were based on all of our experience from previous models (BMX1000/2000/3000)
  • Cost effectiveness (the unit and the installation process)
  • Highest level of R&D efforts and capability in the technology compared to other players in the market
  • High level of customer support compared to the other players
thank you

Thank you!

Moti Ayoun

Director, EUD PLM