being fully staffed succession planning n.
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Being Fully Staffed; Succession Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Being Fully Staffed; Succession Planning

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Being Fully Staffed; Succession Planning

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Being Fully Staffed; Succession Planning

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  1. Being Fully Staffed; Succession Planning

  2. Succession Planning Strengthens Chapters • Allows chapters to begin grooming & training those potential “stars” immediately for positions • Allows chapters to strategically plan & manage diversity within the chapter • Builds commitment and loyalty for the organization

  3. It’s All About the Volunteers!

  4. Volunteer Expectations • Complete understanding of the position – time required; required tasks, etc. • Feeling welcomed • Good training • Opportunity to do interesting work • Feeling appreciated • Receiving relevant & regular communication • Helping to make the world a better place • Allows for more social connection • Opportunity to learn new & different things

  5. So where do we start?

  6. Competencies Needed to Lead Your Chapter • Leadership • Initiative • Judgment • Planning & Organization • Teamwork • Commitment • Political Savvy

  7. Training & Mentoring Needed to Build Leadership Training Mentoring Current and Past Chapter Leaders Field Service Directors & Regional Administrators Networking & building relationships with other chapters • SHRM National Leadership Conference (November) • On-line Volunteer Leasers’ Resource Center (VLRC) • HRVirginia Leadership Conference (January)

  8. Steps to Succession Planning • Establish a Strategic Plan (Vision, Mission, Goals) • Evaluate current volunteer roles for relevancy • Establish a ‘line of succession” for positions • IMPORTANT: Evaluate/update position descriptions & customize for chapter’s needs • Evaluate value proposition for attracting / retaining volunteers

  9. Steps to Succession Planning (cont.) • Identify the competencies of current key leaders • Experience & duties required • Personality, political savvy & judgement • Leadership skills • Solicit interest of all members • Analyze members’ known competencies for potential volunteer leaders • The “key” to knowing members’ competencies is to get them involved, and learn their skills, interests, etc.

  10. Steps to Succession Planning (cont.) • Select the high-potential members who will participate in succession planning • Identify gap between what the high-potential members are able to do presently & what they must be able to do in the leadership role • Create a development plan for each high-potential member to prepare for the leadership role • Perform development activities with each high-potential member • Interview and select a member for the leadership position(s)

  11. Evaluate the Success of Your Succession Plan • Get feedback from board and chapter members • Evaluate it • Make appropriate changes • Communicate it

  12. SUCCESSION PLANNING/CAREER DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONNAIREThis questionnaire will help us understand what your leadership career goals are as a volunteer leader. (Remember: leadership builds character!) The Director will then use this information to appoint his/her officers. Please complete this form and bring it with you to the chapter or state council meeting. • NAME: ____________________________________________________CURRENT OFFICE/POSITION HELD:____________________________ YEARS IN POSITION: _____1. We would like to know what position(s) you would be interested in holding. In most cases, only two to three consecutive one-year terms are allowed for the same position. If you would like to remain in your current office, please indicate this. If not, please indicate what position you are interested in. This need not be limited to open positions, as other positions may come open with these changes. You may also list more than one position. (Remember: holding a leadership position counts toward re-certification as well!)POSITION (S) THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR (or list current position): 2. We would also like to start creating a succession plan for the next 3 years. Please share any goals that you have for future leadership positions.WHAT ARE YOUR 2 – 3 YEAR LEADERSHIP GOALS?3. Whether or not you plan to vacate your current position next year, we would like your ideas for your successor. If you plan to serve again next year in your current position, who could you start mentoring for this position in the future?POTENTIAL SUCCESSORS4. What other committed, responsible, fun individuals should we be talking to about serving on board of the Chapter or the State Council? Please list anyone that you think would be a good addition to our team:

  13. Board Roster/Competencies/Potential Positions

  14. Board Roster

  15. Questions / Discussion?