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Actividades. Brueguel. Children games. Comprensión oral pura. Listen and order. Listen and colour. Listen and point. Listen and tick/cross. Listen and do. Listen and circle. Listen and identify. Listen and follow instructions. True or false Peter likes playing the guitar.

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Brueguel. Children games

Comprensión oral pura

Listen and order

Listen and colour

Listen and point

Listen and tick/cross

Listen and do

Listen and circle

Listen and identify

Listen and follow instructions

True or false

Peter likes playing the guitar

Listen and draw

She’s got big blue eyes, long blond hair, small ears and a red mouth with full lips

Comprensión oral mixta

Listen, read and write

Listen, read and answer

Listen, read and circle

Listen, read and tick

Listen, identify and answer

Listen and say

Listen, read and make sentences

Listen, read and tick

Listen, read and say






in pairs

Simulations and role plays
Simulations and role-plays

Student B

Student A

Call a friend

and invite him/her

to go somewhere with

you. If he/she accepts,

Suggest a place and a time

to meet. Before inviting

him/her find out when

he/she is free

A friend will call you

To invite you to go

somewhere with him/her.

Write a diary for the

week, leaving one day free

You can accept or decline

the invitation according

To your likes and

preferences. If you

decline his/her

invitation, suggets

something else

to do