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Creating A Hippie Environment With Hippie Tapestries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hippies sounds crazy but trust us hippie look is finding its way back into fashion conscious people wardrobes all over the world. Read more.

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Creating a hippie environment with hippie tapestries



Yes, hippie sounds crazy but trust us hippie look is finding its way back into fashion conscious people

wardrobes all over the world. Not just wardrobes, people have started digging the golden mine of hippie

era for home décor also. With that said, these days’ people are adding bohemian flair in their house with

the help of hippie tapestry. Basically, the hippie tapestries are appreciated because of the ethnic look,

vibrant colors and artistic patterns. The hippie tapestries are largely inspired by the hippie movement in

the late 1960s and 1970s. The hippie décor has a certain flow yet it has an aesthetic appeal in it. FYI, the

greatest advantage of using Boho style rather hippie tapestries is the endless possibilities that you can

come up with it.

Because the bohemian style is not governed by any rule, you can experiment with the colors, with the

drawings that will perfectly suit your own style. You can add vintage furniture with that look, colorful lit

canopies. The result of such combination is usually different and out of this world.

So, now that you are thinking of adding hippie tapestry in your home or loft, here are some ideas that

you can get some information from. The next time you re-decorate your home’s wall, you can take a

look at these tips

Hang Mandala Hippie Tapestry

If you think that your blank wall is a disgrace to your beautiful home, then let it hold art by putting up a

hippie tapestry. Often made from the finest materials, the bohemian or hippie tapestry is usually soft.

The hang mandala is usually red in color with an artisanal pattern that is known for being unique. To

make the hang mandala stand out, you can use the textural contrast of white color. In order to create

more eclectic look adds tiffany lamps and antique brass in your hall.

Lie your Hippie Tapestry on the floor

Treat your furniture piece like a canvas of art! Our point is that you should not hesitate in using your

hippie tapestry on main home furnishings. Hence, it has the ability to give flair to any piece of furniture

in the house. You can drape it over a sofa, the living room table or use it like a carpet for composing a

space good for lounging. You can do anything with your hippie tapestry.

Use your hippie tapestry in your creative space

Not many know this fact, but before hippie tapestry was used as a décor, it was a symbol of balance

first. That is why it is highly effective in decreasing the stress levels. It gives ease to the mind and lot of

people use hippie tapestry at their workplace for the same reason. Set a spot in your home which is

meant for working and hang your hippie tapestry there. You can pair your wall with plain rugs and

beautiful lamps. This place will not only add flair to your home but it will increase your productivity as


In the end, remember, when you design your house interior, it is important that you feel comfortable

living in it. Embrace Comfort, embrace style!

Creating a hippie environment with hippie tapestries



Kimberley Pitstop is an expert in ethnic interior decor who also loves to write many interesting articles

and blogs, helping people understand the different ways in which they can bring their living space come

alive with style. She recommends as the best place to buy high quality hippie

tapestries and more.