Seeing Color Examples
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Seeing Color Examples. 3. White objects appear white because they reflect all the colors of the visible spectrum. Primary Colors of Light.

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Seeing color examples

Seeing Color Examples

3. White objects appear white because they reflect all the colors of the visible spectrum.

Seeing color examples

Primary Colors of Light

Even though the visible spectrum consists of seven different colors, all of the color seen by the human eye is a mixture of the three primary colors: red, green, and blue.

Seeing color examples

Primary Colors of Light

Red, green, and blue are the primary additive colors. When mixed together in different proportions, you can make just about any color. When mixed in equal proportions (added together), the three primary colors yield white light.

Seeing color examples

Primary Colors of Light

A pigment is a colored material that absorbs some colors and reflects others. The primary pigments are:

1. magenta

2. yellow

3. cyan

Seeing color examples

Primary Colors of Light

Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the primary subtractive colors. These colors are combined to produce print media and photographic film. When the subtractive primary colors magenta, cyan, and yellow are added together, they form the color black.

Seeing color examples



Color blindness occurs because one or more sets of cones do not function correctly.

Try these tests. with 10

Seeing color examples


  • Eyeball is too long or the cornea


  • Image is focuses before it reaches

    the retina

  • Corrected with concave lenses


Incorrect Focal point

Correct Focal point

Seeing color examples


  • Eyeball is too short

  • Image is focuses behind the retina

  • Corrected with convex lenses


focused incorrectly

focused correctly

Prisms rainbows
Prisms & Rainbows

  • Prisms: Separates white light into its component colors. The longer the wavelength, the less it will be bent by the prism.

  • Rainbows- light shining thru tiny droplets of water, each droplet acts as a prism

Interactions of waves
Interactions of Waves

  • Refraction – The bending of a wave due to the wave moving from one type of medium into another. 1. As light rays enter a new

  • medium the cause light to bend

  • 2. The denser the medium –

  • the slower the light travels

Interactions of waves1
Interactions of Waves

Reflection – Bounce back wave

  • –Angle of Incidence is the angle of the wave coming into the object reflecting the wave.

  • –Angle of Reflection is the angle bouncing off and going away from the object

Interactions of waves2
Interactions of Waves

•Diffraction – Wave passing a barrier or going through a hole in a barrier bends and causes the wave to wrap around the

Seeing color examples


  • Surface of the cornea is curved


  • Image is not focused in the right place

  • Corrected with a combination of