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Seeing Double. Incorporating Technology With Literature.

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seeing double

Seeing Double

Incorporating Technology With Literature


Jack London has been called “one of the most popular authors in the world today.”*What qualities did this American author have which continue to endear him to readers many years after his death?What can we learn from his personal and professional life?


this is a project based component for a unit based on jack london
This is a project based component for a unit based on Jack London

Student involvement in this project will enable them to:

  • Focus on making a connection with a successful author
  • Better understand the authors life and experiences he had which affected his writing.
  • Analyze the effect London’s writing style has had on other writers
  • Research on the WWW, as well as analyze and synthesize this new information
  • Create an electronic project.

Students will be using their Microsoft Paint program to combine their faces with Jack Londons. This final project empowers students to connect personally so that they can parallel the lives of London with his writing.


Require students to include a bibliography with their completed project.This bibliography must include both sites where they found information as well as sites where they find pictures.Here is a site where students can access information about how to correctly annotate a bibliography.


Component RequirementsWWWGraphic Organizer author picturestudent digital picture bibliography Microsoft Paint program(or other program like this)


Guiding your students in learning through the use of a graphic organizer will help them brainstorm, research and present their findings in a patterned, sequential, and understandable manner. Additional information about graphic organizers can be found at these sites:


Create a prompted PowerPoint scaffold for your students which directs them to go to the WWW so they can research the author and his life.

web research resources
Web Research Resources
  • Web research:The Research Cycle, Jamie McKenzie

Educational Technology Journal, May 1, 1998

Teaching with the Web

  • Using the WWW research Jack London’s life.
  • Search for factual information as well as his character traits and experiences in his life which helped him develop these traits.
  • Enter these in the graphic organizer
graphic organizer
Graphic Organizer
  • Create a slide that familiarizes your students with graphic organizers.
  • With students explore the different types of graphic organizers available.
  • As a class decide which graphic organizer would best meet the needs for this assignment.
  • Explain that students will be using a graphic organizer to enter information they find about Jack London.
graphic organizer14
Graphic Organizer

Create a prompted PowerPoint slide which instructs students to create and complete a graphic organizer with their research information about Jack London.

example t chart for note taking
Example—T-Chart for Note Taking

Jack London

Fact or Event

Brief Description





paint project teacher 3
Paint Project (Teacher 3)

Create a PowerPoint slide explaining to students the use of the Paint program to create a double image.

Instruct students to incorporate their pictures of Jack London with their own digital portrait.

Instruct students to place text boxes by the sides of both pictures with written comparisons and contrasts between themselves and London.


Liked reading

Like reading

Student Name

  • Create a slide that instructs your students to create a slide for their bibliography.
  • Instruct them about proper citation for the WWW.
  • Web Resources for creating bibliographies:
additional ideas
Additional Ideas
  • Have students write about their research—both the process as well as the finished product—what dig they learn about the process and the authors?
  • Compare London’s life with that of anotherauthor, like Gary Paulsen.
  • Compare main characters found in London’s stories to one another or the student themselves.
example t chart for note taking22
Example—T-Chart for Note Taking

American Renaissance Man

Fact or Event

Brief Description





Liked reading

Like reading

Student Name

seeing double 1
Seeing Double 1
  • In this activity you will be comparing yourself to Jack London.
  • You will use the Paint option to create a “Seeing Double” portrait of both people.
seeing double 126
Seeing Double 1
  • Using the WWW find a portrait picture of Jack London. Right click and copy the image.
  • Go to Start/Accessories/Paint and open this option.
  • Paste the portrait you copied earlier.
  • Using the select tool outline half of London’s face. Save this half only. Minimize.
seeing double 2
Seeing Double 2
  • Have students take a picture of themselves using a digital camera.
  • Open Paint again. Start a new file.
  • Paste their digital picture into the file.
  • Using the select tool outline the opposite half of their face. Right click and copy. Close.
  • Maximize Seeing Double 1. Paste their half face next to London’s half face.
  • Select all. Copy and close the program.

Seeing Double 1

  • Open the slide you are creating for this image and paste.
  • Create text boxes on each side of the portrait and include compare/contrast details about London and themselves.

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