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National Science Foundation. Mathematics & Science Partnerships Program (MSP). Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Professional Development On Improving Mathematics and Science Instruction. A Collaborative Study conducted by. Council of Chief State School Officers

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National science foundation

National Science Foundation

Mathematics & Science Partnerships

Program (MSP)

National science foundation

Longitudinal Study of the Effects

of Professional Development

On Improving Mathematics and

Science Instruction

A Collaborative Study conducted by

  • Council of Chief State School Officers

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • American Institutes for Research

National science foundation

The Purpose of the Study is to determine:

  • Whether professional development (PD) activities supported by MSP programs are consistent with research-based qualities of PD

  • The effects of PD on mathematics/science instructional practices and content

  • How MSP programs use study findings to improve PD effectiveness

Study instruments data collection
Study Instruments & Data Collection

  • Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) - Spring / Summer of 2003 - Winter of 2005

  • Professional Development Activity Log (PDAL) - From Summer 2003 to Summer 2004

  • Professional Development Interview (PDI) - Fall of 2004

National science foundation

Instructional Practices

Instructional Practices





Student Activities

Student Activities

Professional Development

Professional Development

Instructional Content

Instructional Content



National science foundation

School & Class Description

Assessment Use

Homework Assignment

Instructional Influences

Classroom Practices

Instructional Preparation

Student Activities

Teacher Opinions

Use of Educational Technology

Professional Development

Teacher Characteristics

Instructional Content

National science foundation

Survey of Enacted Curriculum

  • Informed consent - Voluntary - Confidential (seal envelope)

  • Back cover information - Contact information

  • Target class / Reporting period

  • 60 to 90 minutes

National science foundation

Instructions for Selecting the Target ClassMathematics Instruction -- For all questions about classroom practices, please refer only to activities in the mathematics class you teach. If you teach more than one mathematics class, select the first class that you teach each week. If you teach a split class (i.e. the class is split into more than one group for mathematics instruction) select only one group to describe as the target class.

Characteristics of the pdal
Characteristics of the PDAL

  • Provides monthly report of professional development including MSP-sponsored and non-MSP-sponsored activities

  • Documents one-time and recurring activities

  • Captures formal and informal professional development activities

Accessing the pdal
Accessing the PDAL

  • Teachers will receive detailed instructions

  • Each teacher will log in once a month starting at the end of June 2003 and continuing for 15 months

  • On average, takes about 15 minutes per month

  • A reminder notice will be sent before the 15th of the month, the entry close out date

  • Log entry can be saved and re-accessed later

  • Once finalized, no revisions will be allowed

  • Data are maintained confidentially using user name and password protection

Pdal and follow up interviews
PDAL and Follow-up Interviews

  • A small sample of teachers will participate in interviews about the quality and application of their PD experiences documented in the PDAL

  • Teachers will be asked to maintain copies of PD materials as part of the data resources (for example, course syllabus)

National science foundation

Teacher Incentives

Review | Reflection | Planning

  • Examine the alignment of instruction with content standards

  • Secure on-line access to individual results

  • Honoraria

Contact us
Contact Us:

  • Kwang Suk YoonAmerican Institutes for Research202-944-5358 or

  • Andra WilliamsCouncil of Chief State School Officers202-336-7029 or